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Why not just baking the maps you need from the high to the low using painter/designer built in bakers?
If you do it in painter, it will automatically plug the maps to the corresponding slots in the project  8)

You should be able to put everything on another disk, although I didn't try:
- Add a new shelf folder in the preferences, and specify it as Default
- Copy everything
- In the preferences, delete the original one

I gave it a go, seems like I can't remove the original path.
Also, every time I re-open painter after deleting the original folder , it re-installs all of the default data.
At least now I can install all of my materials and alphas on a different drive, but would still love the option to just get rid of that folder altogether (still 341 MB :P).

Amazing update guys! Thank you!

One question regarding the new shelf path.
I'm working on a laptop with limited C drive (SSD) - can I just cut and paste all of the current folder hierarchy from C:\...Documents\Substance Painter into a different hard drive and then specify SP to locate that?  Or do I still need to leave some 'must have' files in C:\Documents\Substance Painter for the program to work?

Again, awesome work, keep it up!  8) ;)

Thank you for the step by step guide Victor.  I'll give it a try once I get back home!  8)

Hey there!

Was wondering if there is any video tut or written document that goes on this new feature?

I was looking at SD documents but couldn't find anything.

I've got a low poly + corresponding high poly mesh that is composed of 2 separate elements, I want to bake them without the need to explode.  I've 2 separate cage files for a cleaner bake as well.
How do I go about setting it up in SD?

Thanks for the help!

Omg yes please add the option to load presets, materials, alphas and what not like in SD library where you can source an input and use filters.

I'm working with a laptop most of the time, and don't have a lot of space on C drive (SSD), this is so limiting!

Also, it would be awesome if we could make folder structures for better organization.

Hey ya'll,

Sorry for this newbie question.  When a new version is published, do I need to uninstall the old one I currently have and then install the new version? Or should I just install the new version and direct it to the installation folder of the old version?


If you have designer you can do this:
Bake UV to SVG, uniform color, and a low size of padding. Then take it into PS, modify levels and use it as a mask.. fast and worked great for me, had to present bakes for a school assignment.

Hmm, I use textures set as a way to hide geometry and work on complex places, I like to hand paint a lot of my textures. I barley ever use more than 1 UV set for a prop.  I wish there was an easier way of doing this/hiding geometry.

Hey guys,

I know this is an issue that's being worked on (right? :D), but I wanted to know, what are your methods for doing this procedure?

I'm using MODO, rendering an alpha mask with the padding I need, then composite in PS for each output using the alpha as a mask. But it's taking a very very long time!  - Is there a better way of doing this?


I had a look at your files.
Your low poly mesh sits on 0,0,0 while your high poly isn't.  All you need to do in order to fix this, is to set the position of your meshes so they sit right at the same location, then freeze transforms, export and bake. Should work fine.


I'm running on the latest build, Win 8.

Whenever I turn the material picker tool and mouse over a part of mesh/texture, the viewport turns black. It happens both in the 3d and 2d viewports.  Immediately after I move my mouse away from the mesh/texture, screen goes back to normal.
I tested it with my models as well as the ones in the example content, so it's not an issue with my models.

Was wondering if this is a known bug?   If not, how can I solve this issue?

Thank you!

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