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Hey Geoffroy thanks for your reply. I have been unable to replicate the crash since I posted this. I changed my PCIE for the GPU in BIOS from Gen 4 to Gen 3 and the problem has stopped. The performance on the Adobe suite has improved in general. Thank you for your help.

Thank you guys for your feedback. However, the error is causing other problems with use of the program. I can use it for around 20 minutes and then it will freeze and my graphic driver crashes, which then crashes the software and I have to restart my PC. I have been using 3DS Max, vRay etc fine even with rendering so I know the issue is one that exists within the new Substance itself. That only started happening with this error this morning.

If I click on the red GPU error it crashes my graphic driver instantly and I need to also restart my PC.

You are definitely correct it is slower than it was yesterday before I updated to the new Studio drivers. I too am getting this error. I'll attach a couple of pictures and the log ^-^ Hopefully it's just a temporary thing because it's new, thanks in advance. :)

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