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Hey everyone,

I'd been looking forward to creating a full environment using only textures that are procedurally generated ever since I saw the incredible things people were creating using substance designer. I couldn't decide on which lighting mode I liked more, so I decided to do both!

Most of the heavy lifting in this environment is being done on the shader level of the Unreal Engine. Only 2 Texture sets and 2 Models are being used for the entire scene (Plus a Normal Map flip-book created in After Effects for the rain drop effect ).

None of this would have been possible if a few talented artists hadn't uploaded their substance files so others like me could download and learn from them for free.

That's why I've decided to upload both of my substance designer files so that others might learn from them as well! Below are the links to the substance files:

Rocky Lagoon:
Rocky Cliff:

Let me know what you think :)

Polycount thread:

In-Engine Screenshots

Substances Designer Graphs

Rocky Lagoon Substance

Rocky Cliff Substance


Rocky Lagoon Textures

Rocky Cliff Textures

Unreal Engine Shaders

Rocky Lagoon Material

Rocky Cliff Material

Ocean Material

James Diab - Environment Artist


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