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I am very exited to see "Wed. 11am Solomon Temowo" on "Using Substance Painter to texture large environments", because I hope to take away some information on this workflow. I was looking for that topic for a long time here on the boards, but nothing came up - I send Wes some mountain model and maps and masks, but no tutorial on that so far (but many other exellent ones!!)

And sure, the 10am speech of Wes is the other thing, I´d like to see :)

I can not attend GDC, so I hope you guys get us some footage?!


The images explain it, I think...

Some of the PBR nodes are very similar (3 times "PBR Metal relflectance" with different icons !)
Is this a mix between old/recent ones? But which is which??

The material color blend seems identical.
The difference between the color blends is, one version can not be found, because of a fals patch...

How to fix/remove doubles?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Western style rifle
 on: February 12, 2016, 08:38:47 am 
hi there,

just did an classic western style rifle, for "Frontier", an upcomming game on steam that I am allowed to share with you:

hope you like it!


....another ingame asset from a game under development... I did a custom substance with controls for dust, dirt, ground dirt, rust and edger wear, so that ingame scripted wear&tear and damage can be applied.


hi there,

I have UVs layout nicley, texture res. in 2K, but when I apply a material (wood) to my model via MultiMaterialColor blend node and SVG mask, I get burried textures on my model. I believe, it has to do with scaling somehow.

In SP, you got controls for tiling, UV rotation, offset and Scale - but in SD it seems I am not able to find these controls.
What am I missing? I think there must be some scaling methode in SD, as well?!

Maybe it is really simple and I just overlooked it?

kind regards

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Western hip flask
 on: February 01, 2016, 04:34:01 pm 

wanted to share the first PBR textured asset of 'Frontier', a western-sim game that´s currently in development.
It was completly done in Substance Painter 1.7

Western flask (final) by playdagaimz on Sketchfab

hope, you like it!


hi there,

I wanted to dray some stiches in 2D view, that are orientataed horizontally along an object.

This does not work on the entire object - on the upper part, it´s ok, drawing a line (shift/click) results in many horizontally
oriented stiches, all facing the same orientation.

But when trying to do the same on the lower part of the same object (same UV island as well), the stiches
begin to "cycle" or turn in other directions and stay not horizontally!

Why is that and how to avoid?

kind regards

hi there,

I´ve added quiete a few "alpha brushes" aka b&w textures for adding faked geometry details on objects.
The thing is, I get no preview (thumbnail) in the shelf, but when I choose one of them, they working good.

Is there a way to add thumbs for them?

On the other hand, I get some textures appear in material section - how to get rid of them?
I´d like to have only the "material preview render balls" in there...


hi there,

when looking at the chart Fig. 48, there are some metals, where sRGB values are listed.

Can somebody tell the right value for pewter and or tin, please?
(It is more of an alloy, and not a pure metal, I know)

Or are you guys just "eyeball" it via the roughness and take base color from image reference or so?!
I´d like to have a link to a comprehensive chart for all know materials, real world measured, hehehehe


hi there,

there are quiete a few shaders on the asset-store - but which works "best" with substance designer/painter textures and effects?
We are looking for easy workflow/pipeline between Substance and Shader in Untiy 5.x

will "Alloy" for example a good choice? Arer there better ones?



did some tutorials to jump back into Painter and also tried the new features of the latest version.

In the painter video, the ork's head is shaded with PBRSSS shader and a transimissive map (thickness map) was applied.

When I bake a thickness map of my model and check the box in the shader parameters, the translucent fx is gone completely.

But when switching it off, the outer,thinner parts are lit / translucent.

A bit strange to me, expected the map to drive this effect.

I baked the thickness map with standard settings, except for higher addition Ray count and AA.

Kind regards


the video-update for new SP 1.7 version is great, as allways...

There were some new features introduced in 1.6 already (like simplified material layering and the facial hair brush)
- is there a more in depth video, explaining this features?

Maybe, I´ve just missed it?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Designing with VR headset
 on: November 17, 2015, 02:13:55 pm 
hi there,

I am planning to buy the Rift VR set, when it hits the market next spring. Is there a plan or are there rough sketches, how Painter could evolve into this direction? I am really curious about that (designing within the VR)


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - PRTp (n) map baker
 on: October 23, 2015, 12:49:21 pm 

it would be sweet, if a PRTp / n baker could be added to SD/SP - would really help with "hand-painted" stuff / diffuse textures.

What this map contains, is directional lighting and shadows, with each channel in the map being from a different direction. XNormal for example, saves out two maps:

PRTp and PRTn

You can take the green channel from one of those; it represents lighting directly from above. You can multiply it, or whatever, over a texture, and you get some really cool results!



I wonder how to cleanup the material-shef - it shows some "textures" instead of a material
(see image)

kind regards

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