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from what I´ve seen, I can open a substance in B2M out of SD with "open in player"... but is there a way to import all outputs, created within B2M into SD or SP?

Maybe such a "link" would make sense!?


... why is this? I mean, normal map and so on are baked just fine!
Only AO stays completly white, no matter what settings.

That´s a bit strange, because AO has done ok on other models...

... like the title says. Call me noob - but the only objects, SD4.1.1 let me add to the lib are filters/fx - but no option for "material", when right-click into lib window...

I want to build up a small material-collection, pretty much like in the "HotRod" video:

hi there,

where can I find a good explaination of how the baking options (AO, normal map) can be tweaked by entering other values, than default settings?

I use xNormal before and for that app I got some "main" settings like:

normal map
checked „Closest hit if ray fails“    checked “Discard back-face hits”
Edge Padding: 16   
Threshold everything at 0.3000

AO Map bake
Ad. Thresh.: 1.0      Distr.: uniform      Bias:0.000010
Spread Angle: 150.00    no Limit ray distance
Attenuation: 1.0   0.0   0.0
No enable weighting   No Jitter

Cavity Maps
(from Normal map)
Swizzle Coords: Y-
EDT Cavity Map = Bright: -0.1   Contrast: 0
EMB Cavity Map = Bright: 0.1   Contrast:0.8

Can someone "translate" these xNormal-settings to SD4, please?

And how to bake only concave areas (pits) of the surface?`

Kind Regards

hi there,

yes another suggestion (the same like I did for SP):

I´d like to see some tools to draw in a straight line or doing shapes, like squares or cycles on a normal map (ok, if you implement it, it should be usable for all kind og maps, I guess) ;)

This shows/explains 100%, what I´ve got in mind with it:
please scroll down a bit to "A CLOSER LOOK AT THE SLIDERS"

Kind regards

hi there,

I am a new user of the allegorithmic product line (SP, SD and B2M indie) and I want to make a feature request/ bring in some ideas, hehehe ;)

This time, regarding B2M desktop-version:

B2M creates so many textures/maps - why not try to add some more?
Maybe it will be possible to add a "metalness", a gloss/roughness map to the existing outputs?

In other words, bringing a bit of "PBR workflow" from SD/(SP) to B2M would be really nice (if possible)

I think, with a bit of user interaction, this should be doable?
Like telling B2M "Yes, this is metal" / "No, it´s not" should make for a metallic map, telling "it is wood" or "rubber" - would make it possible to generate a gloss/roughness map for example.

Maybe some blending option, like we have in SD workflow would be perfect:

But I´ll understand, if this may not be practical/possible or conflict with
the productline philosophy.,891.0.html

Anyway, at least you could add some more registers to provide a consistant PBR workflow in all of your products.
So users can import their roughness/gloss or metallic maps, created in other apps.

That should be possible at all as the 3D viewer can already display them!

Best Regards

Hi there,

the next few days, I want to do some testing-stuff with my new toys:
B2M, SD and SP – thanks for putting them altogether in the “indy package”  :D

I´d like to avoid an unnecessary number of tools and apps in my workflow and I wonder, if SD bake capabilities are “that good”, that it will reduce my usage of xNormal a lot.

Till now, I use xNormal to bake AO and more important – normal maps.
Mainly they will be used within the Unity3D engine. (so “Y” flipped to “–Y”)

For that task, I also use: that bakes out normal maps just the way unity expect them to be (so nothing is inverted or looks wrong, right tangent-space, etc.)

(At the moment, I can´t access my desk, but I am very curious to know answers to some question “in advance”)

Now – is proper “unity” normal export possible within B2M, SD and SP?
Are there know bugs and/or settings, regarding normal maps, that I should know about?

Like B2M and SD4 for example… There is an “DirectX” or “OpenGL” option for normal maps…
Which one to set for unity3d engine (“OpenGL”, I believe?)

Is there a way to set the 3D preview to “unity shader” or “Marmoset Skyshop” (B2M and SP)?


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