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Anyone have any opinions about this?  Speculations?

My first purchase from Allegorithmic was the big Substance Database, which I got on discount back in April 2012, but it still cost me $950 at that time.

Since then Allegorithmic has created the new Painter and Designer tools that can help with applying, modifying and/or creating new substances.  This would seem to be important to help Database users to maximize their value of the large purchase they've made.  I feel like I've spent a lot of money, but still need to spend more and more to make best use of what I've already got.

Why is there no discount for getting Substance Live, based on the Database?  I would think maybe Live would even be FREE, in order to encourage people to purchase the much larger Database.

Is this something that might be considered?

Thanks in advance! :)

Sale ends in a couple days... any word on this? :)

Thanks Nicolas.  Sorry to prolong this discussion, but there seems to be a sale on the Unity Asset Store for Substance Painter Indie.  I'm tempted to purchase this, but if I do then I would have everything except for Substance Designer.

Do you have an upgrade path for me if I do this?  I would have B2M3, Substance Database, Substance Painter Indie.  How much would it then cost me to add Substance Designer?

Thanks Nicolas.  Are there any plans to possibly change this?

I have licenses for B2M3 Pro and Indie, and Substance Database 2.0.  I notice that I can get a discount of $50 off from Substance Live if I purchase it all at once (i.e. $249 instead of $299).  But what if I want to use the monthly "rent to own" payment option?  Do I lose my discount if I do this?

Substance Integrations - Unity - where should I post?
 on: May 01, 2015, 12:45:25 pm 
I am having problems when trying to use the Substance Database (which has a forum here), inside Substance Player (which has a different forum here), while targeting the new Unity 5 (which has a 3rd different forum here).

Where should I be posting issues like that?  I've already posted in both of the other forums, but I'm not sure where the best place is.  Should I move them here?  Cross-post?

The new Unity 5 "Built In Standard" terrain shader requires a Normal map (no problem here) and a new map containing Albedo (RGB) + Smoothness (A).  Is it possible to export this from Substance Player, using PBR substances from the Substance Database?

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