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. . . such a great tool. I picked it up during the beta but haven't had a chance to do a project with it, and really learn it, until recently. I'm absolutely hooked now. You folks have done a great job!

Also, just wanted to throw out that Allegorithmic has really impressed me with the Indie packs, pricing models, and just staying innovative. It's clear you guys are making an effort.

. . .  I would like to switch from tangent to camera mode quickly without having to navigate to the brush menu and fiddling with a rollout every time I pick up a new brush.

My current model just doesn't work well with tangent mode enabled.

I am interested in the new version of B2M. Is there an upgrade path from the version 2 (Indie-Flavored) to the Pro version of 3? I couldn't find this option on your site anywhere.

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