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Hi all,
AMD just released a new driver Version (21.2.3), and updating to that Version fixed the bug for me! I hope this helps :)
Indeed, the release notes mention a fix for the crashes:
Code: [Select]
An application crash or hang may occur in Substance Painterâ„¢ on Radeon RX 6000 series graphics products.From:

It also fixes crashes on RX 5000 GPUs from our tests. However be aware that the texture glitches/corruption may not be fixed yet. We would be interested in confirmation if you still have issues so that we can report them to AMD more easily (if you do so, please mention your GPU model).

Do you have this issue with other projects ?
Is the issue only with the 2021.1 version ?
Do you think you could show a video of the bug when it happens again ? Just to get an overview of your layer stack and the steps you do to "fix" the problem.

The white screen freeze at startup is an issue we haven't been able to reproduce so far on our side.
The only trick that seems to help in some cases is to manually remove the registry settings of the application:

You can also check out our other support page to see if something else can help as well ?
I suppose your system is up to date ?

- fixed registry editor to include both Tdr keys (set to 120 sec to be sure) -- the log mentions TdrLevel: None, but I can't find this in the documentation; if there's a correct value to add, please tell me.
You probably have a typo, check again our step by step guide just to be sure:

The application should follow the system setting, so that looks like a potential bug.
Please check out the guidelines on how to report an issue, we are missing some information in your messages:,22451.0.html

Thank you for your feedback, I wasn't aware the Pro drivers weren't compatible with the latest GPUs. The AMD driver team is still investigating the issue at the time of writing this message. There is not much more we can do than wait for them to fix the bug unfortunately.

This is a known issue on our side. It's related to the Finder slowing down the application. We don't a fix for that bug for now.

This is an old topic, the issue has been identified as being the fault of another application.
Please check out our software conflicts page:

Fairly new to both this site and the program.

I am trying to apply an opacity effect to an object. However, neither Alpha Test or blending change the opacity at all. Is this a common issue? Or is it just because I'm new? How do I fix it?
Please follow the guidelines on how to report an issue:,22451.0.html

This is a regression we haven't fixed (yet).
You can snap the camera by rotating it and pressing "Shift" instead.

Please follow the guidelines on how to report an issue:,22451.0.html

Please follow the guidelines on how to report an issue:,22451.0.html

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Base Color issue
 on: February 01, 2021, 04:37:08 pm 
Substance Painter color picker display colors in Linear gamma space, not in sRGB, so colors may not look like what they should. The color you pick is the one visible in the top left rectangle of the color picker.

Brush strokes made in the 3D view are projected in the 3D space, not in 2D base don the UVs.
If you copy paste layers form one Texture Set to another one with some painting, the brush stroke will be reprojected. Your UV won't have any impact on that behavior.

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