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Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 02, 2016, 08:34:48 pm 
I would like to know as well...

Awesome thanks! That worked, but I had to keep trying. Seems like your servers were down or something? Kept getting a weird page.

I just purchased Substance Painter 2 (upgraded) from Steam and tried Syncing it with my Allegorithmic account, and it isn't displaying on there. Will it only say Substance Painter? Or should it be saying Painter 2? Thanks in advance! Here is a screen shot.

Awesome, thanks for the responses :D

Does this include the older monthly drops that came out before Substance Share?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: AFFplanoid
 on: March 19, 2016, 05:37:20 pm 
Link broken! Also, looks awesome :) Thanks for sharing!

Thanks :) Will do.

Just wondering, I had an indie live subscription before due to me buying the entire suite of tools outright around January. If I upgrade to Painter 2, will I still be considered an Indie Live member? Thanks in advance!

oOo gotcha, thanks for the info. Then thinking about it that way, it IS cheap :) But yes, I'm sure indie devs would love a version for them.

Can't wait!!! I have no doubts we will be impressed, especially if you guys are skipping a few versions all together. Every update so far has been impressive for me :) Keep up the great work!

I have no doubts it will be fair. The price for this powerful software is already incredible in my eyes. The ONLY problem i have is that the database costs too much money :( I would love to buy "credits" and pick and choose the textures that I want from the database.

Thanks for the replies :) I will try to be patient... the excitement is killing me though! Best piece of texturing software ever.

Will there be a discount for us Indie Live customers? If so, any word on how much? Can't wait to see what's new :)

+1 I'd love a feature like this. It already has a familiarity to Photoshop, this feature would be MUCH appreciated.

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