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In older version of batch tools there were options for 8 vs 16 bit normal maps, height maps.
Are those options gone in CLlineTools for good?
Everything, even ao, is not 16 bit format, for png at least?
For tga outputs are 8 bit (tested just ao and normal)

There is caching feature in SD now. Is the same feature supported by sbsbaker - from command line tool?
Can I bake multiple passes in one command, so that hipoly will be loaded just once?
Right now I bake each pass in with command, so I assume it is loading same hipoly multiple times.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Batchtool baking addon for blender
 on: January 27, 2016, 10:57:39 am 
I'm not sure if this is good section of forum but I wanted to share news that, I made addon for blender for quick baking of textures with Batchtools.
I developed it for few reasons:

  • Substance Batchtools speed – you can bake 4k textures in minutes (compared to hours in blender)
  • Substance Batchtools reduced ram usage – I can bake hipoly meshes, without risk running out of ram
  • I wanted to have quick way to bake complex objects made with GroupPro addon. But you don’t have to use it. This addon works for baking normal objects too.
  • Easy iteration – no need to click Import/Export multiple times in blender, and your external baking app. This is usually tedious and time consuming process. All objects are exported automatically in background. Also addon is smart enough to know when object was changed, and export it only when needed.
  • Easy way to re-bake only parts of your texture, that were changed/updated.
More details/quick setup guide:

When I want to runn batchTool, sbsbaker won't display any message (it won't do anything actually):

According to manual  sbsbaker should display some available commands in windows console. So it should look like this:

I'm unable to bake anything.
I'm using win 7 64 bit. Both SD and BatchTools are installed on E: partition.

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