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Did you send a crash report ? Or is that a driver failure (TDR) ?
In any case, please attach a log and dxdiag file. See :

 sorry for the late reply, I dont think I can send a crash report as the trial has expired, but if I selected 4096x it quickly slowed down before crashing.

any idea?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - discount coupons
 on: October 27, 2016, 06:39:05 pm 

any idea where is good to look for discount coupons for SD/SP?

there are plenty of sites which offer discount codes but they seem like spam sites. if anyone could suggest some places to look I would be grateful.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - SP crashing at 4096x
 on: October 19, 2016, 06:14:40 pm 

my trial ended about 1 week ago. I would like to buy SP however I have trouble when using SP with 4096 maps.

2048 is fine, however 4096 always causes the software to slow down and stop functioning, either crashing or foricng me to quit.

i am using windows 7,

16gb RAM,

Graphics card...

AMD Sapphire (174B - E244) 1024MB

Catalyst 15.10 Beta - 15.201.1151.1005 atig6pxx.dll

OpenGL 4.5 (AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series with 305 ext.)

OpenCL 1.2, Capeverde compute units:10@1000MHz

any suggestions as to what is the  cause would be a big hleping in me moving along and completeing my purchase. thanks.

Any ideas if such a material exists in the substance share? I cannot find one there.

I have made some attempts at one using SD, but they didnt come out convincing.

I was thinknig about purchasing crazybump and producing a normal map... of a jpeg of track ballast...

can anyone suggest a better way?

Seriously, I can do such things in Blender quite simply, (obiviously its a slightly more tricky) but after googling this problem people have been complaining about it since 2014.

I have just made 4 objects sharing a single atlas map, I imported a mesh with 4 materials, with the intention of exporting everything on to a single uv diffuse, instead I have 4 maps which are going to be very hard to work with.

it has completely screwed up my workflow and makes me reconsider purchasing SP.

just my thoughts.


also I have another question. SD seems to work really smoothy.

but SP will sudenly jerk and use up all of my RAM... 16Gb, which never ever happens with anything else.

any idea why?

In Blender, texture baking is very easy.

you click the object, and click "bake", however in Substance Designer I can make my object look very interesting, by applying several materials I have made, yet all I can do is publish the material in Unity5, any attempt to bake the texture on to the UV goes wrong.

I can bake AO maps, but I want to bake a PBR uv spec/gloss of my mesh as well as the normal. this is possible?

I am not using a highpoly mesh just a standard mesh with materials attached.

In SD, in the 3d view I can always see an enviroment if I want to, is it possible to have an enviroment in the background when painting? Or only during render?


i am currently using a 1 month trial. I have make a few basic materials following tutorials.

[here is the type of fence material I would like to make][]

I was thinking, normalise an image of a fence texture, and then cut it out with an alpha channel? and use alpha-height as well.

also I need the material to be dual sided, can SD do this?

sorry if this post is on the incorrect page.

Just wondering as I am new to this and I prefer studying with printed books.

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