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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Damaged Gold paint?
 on: February 08, 2021, 05:50:45 pm 
Hey there,
Sometimes you have to get a little creative with sites/keywords when searching for the references.
For the damaged gold - try a keywords like: antique, aged or middle ages. Try a some sites, with those keywords, like etsy or ebay. Ebay especially can have great photos.
Substance Source and Substance Share have gold materials that can be tweaked.

Good luck!

Your new subscription will be a separate license and will have no effect on your perpetual licenses. 

Yes, you can install the software on 2 computers, but only use it on one computer at a time.

Each User of the Software must hold one (1) valid License of the Software. Except if You hold an Evaluation License, the License may be installed on two (2) different computers by the User, provided that these computers belong to you, that such copy shall constitute “Software” for all purposes of this Agreement and that You shall not be allowed to Use both copies simultaneously.

Substance Source has always been a subscription perk. There's nothing unfair there - you have to have subscription to get Source points.
You could subscribe for short periods to get the points. Any unused accumulated Source points will always be good - you can use any existing points even if you cancel your subscription.

You're welcome!  :)

Might be best to contact them directly on this. Use the contact form here:

Might get a faster response by sending your question to them directly.

No idea why it thinks that but ... there's another way to install and update with Mint. Download the RPM, instead of converting to DEB just extract RPM to temp folder. Then burrow down through folders (opt/allegorithmic/) until you see the Substance Painter folder - copy/paste or move that folder to your install folder of choice - I use opt. Then set your custom shortcut to the Substance Painter program icon in the copy/pasted/moved Substance Painter folder. Hope that makes sense.
When I update I simple rename (temporarily - then delete when new version is deemed stable) old SP folder in opt and repeat process above - including updating your shortcut location. Your settings will remain as they live in the .config folder in home directory.
This method should remove any confusion as to which version is in use.


You will need UVs for each side. If your object is single sided you will need to add geometry for the 2nd side.

Hey there,
I would revisit the particle system for that. Using the rain or leaks - try starting your stroke from the hub and using the GlobalWind, Gravity, Friction, etc... to get the centrifuge effect. The power of the particles is in the emitter/receiver controls.

Other than that you could paint them in manually.


They are carried over each month and will always be part of your account - even if you cancel your subscription you can still use your points.


You will not lose unused points - they will be added to the next month's. Even if you cancel your subscription you will always have the unused points in your account.


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