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I currently try to render normals with the batch toolkit 5.5.3 (I know its a bit older). But the output seems to be broken. I read a lot of stuff and tried many things like set the render engine. But I have still no look.

Here is an example, left side is Substance Player output, right the same sbsar with batch tool sbsrender output

Had anyone a same issue in the past or an idea what I can do or test?

Kind regards

Andre Schaaf-Ledermüller


I currently investigate if it possible to have sbsar files and export textures with a given preset?

What I currently trying to achive is following:

  • Get sbsar, own or external
  • Open Substance Player modify parameters
  • Store parameters in preset files besides the archive (could be multiple presets for different styles)
  • Have a command line batch tool which loads the sbsar with specific preset, export with specific texture size into custom folder

Is this currently possible?

I'm open for all ideas :).

Kind regards


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