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Is it possible to have a Substance be dynamic and changeable in 1 map (ie a character customization screen) but then be baked to plain textures so the next map doesn't need to have the Substance runtime overhead? Based on other forum posts describing the baking options it seems like this can't be done. (,9996.msg47948/highlight,sync+and+cache.html#msg47948)

I've done some test builds and discovered that the Substance runtime adds about 1GB of memory overhead for dynamic Substances and 100MB of memory overhead for baked Substances. Is it possible to eliminate that overhead? If we bake the material shouldn't the result be just as expensive as old-fashioned textures?

Thanks in advanced!

It would be great if there was a way to interface with a graph that's currently being edited in an instance of Designer.
In particular, I want to be able to tell Designer to save whatever changes it has for an sbs in memory to disk.
All the examples I see are about reading and modifying .sbs files that have already been saved to disk.

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