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1. I have problems with baking in every version of 2.6 and 2.5. Some of the created maps are just black or look very weird.
2. Strange behaviour with wacom in 2.6. If I reassign buttons in preferences it has 0 effect inside Substance Painter. Updating to latest wacom driver has 0 effect. Everything is fine in other 3d applications (modo, zbrush).
3. 3d section of screen turns is back if I have "activate post effects" turned on. (2d section is fine). Same thing happen in Iray view.
I'm on mac/hackintosh with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb.
 I recorded a video showing the problem. I'm showing 2.4 at first and then 2.6:

Because of these issues I can't upgrade to Substance Designer 6. Since I can't use it with 2.4.
Can you recommend anything at all?

My plan was to have several objects (crates for example) in modo. Create material in substance designer. Assign instances of material to each crate in Modo and just change random seed for each one.
In instructions for modo there is this:
"To instance a Substance, you need to select the Material Group for the Substance, right-click and choose Instance. This will create a instance of the Substance Material group that can be applied to other meshes. To make changes, you need to adjust the Substance properties on the source Substance item, which is the Substance
the instances where created from."
I'm trying to do this and immediately get a crush the moment I click on "create instance".
I'm on Mac (latest version of OS), latest version of Modo 10.2v1, latest version of Substance plugin available from my Foundry webpage account. I've tried different materials, tried another mac (macbook), tried CPU and GPU. Same crush.
What else can I try?

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