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Thanks Nicolas. Your advice and outlining the limitation on the Shape Splatter node has helped me troubleshoot.
Receiving speedy replies in the forum is so great, much appreciated.

I appreciate your reply Nicolas, thank you.

Is there a workflow where we can achieve smooth edges, perhaps with the ‘Shape Splatter Blend’ and ‘Shape Splatter to Mask’?

Also I’m a bit confused with the ‘Output’ parameter within ‘Shape Splatter to Mask’. There are options for ‘Binary Mask’ and ‘Grayscale Values’ but it doesn't seem to change anything?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi there. I'm having trouble getting smooth edges when using the Shape Splatter Node.
I'm able to achieve decent results with the Tile Sampler, however, it seems the Shape Splatter node is degrading the edges of my shapes when scaling them down ( see image ).

Perhaps I'm missing something? Would love to use this node so hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi there, wondering if this issue has been fixed as I seem to be having a similar problem.
When I'm using the projection tool I can paint in the opacity channel, however, my mask within 'Channels Mapping' does not pass through?

Hi all. This is an issue for me as well, it is quite hard to see my geo through the stencil when moving it around. It would be great to be able to choose the opacity when moving the projection stencil as well.

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