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Can't say that I'm not disappointed by this move but then I've hardly been able to use painter since the 2.0 update because I used a custom Mac with Nvidia GTX 980Ti which you decided you couldn't support due to lack of resources... you now have infinite resources at your disposal, will this stance now change?...

Slightly off-topic, but Painter has worked with the Mac Pro and GTX980Ti for a while now – that's the exact same setup I have. It mysteriously started working again several releases ago!

I've already commented about this awful decision, but I'd just like to add that I think your small team of engineers has created software that's superior in practically every way to anything Adobe has released in the last decade. I think Painter is brilliant and a joy to use. Ingenious, fast, feature rich... if it gets subsumed into Adobe's subscription service (come on, of course it will), I will really miss having it around. I really hope you know what you're doing.

So first Allegorithmic ditches the 'rent to buy' scheme which I loved, and now you've sold your soul to the devil of CG, Adobe. I won't be signing up for a subscription, so when you stop my copy of Painter working, I guess I'll be done with Substance, which is real shame.

Also, it makes me wonder about the legality of simply stopping a license for a product I've bought and paid for. I hope you honour the perpetual licenses I have and not let Adobe bully me into a subscription, which, of course, I will not take.

This is all terribly bad news for users (especially the little guys, like me). But well done for cashing in, and I hope you enjoy the proceeds from your Adobe shares.

Ah, yes, I have Default Folder X as well. When I disable it, B2M runs fine. Which is kind of annoying...

Well, I took a chance and upgraded, and baking works as normal in 2018.1, so normal service has been resumed (after a few years!). Time to go play with the latest version of Substance Painter!

After giving up on later versions of SP after version 2.4.1, I just upgraded to High Sierra and find that baking works properly in 2.6.2 (hurrah!). So, my question is, will the latest version of SP 2018 work as well? (Annoyingly I can't run the demo as I've already had an evaluation license and it won't let me run the demo again)

So, are there any Mac users successfully running SP 2018.x on High Sierra with an 'usupported' Nvidia GPU? If so, I'll upgrade!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: Weird baking results
 on: October 21, 2017, 01:51:15 pm 
Works fine here – UVs are okay, baked textures okay, and smart materials and paint work fine. However I'm still on Painter 2.4.1 because I use an Nvidia GPU in a 2010 Mac Pro and Allegorithmic refuses to sort out the problems with the latest builds of Painter – despite the fact that the baking system works perfectly with this version (the last one to do so). Now they just say non-standard Nvidia GPUs are 'unsupported' - what a lazy copout.

Very disappointed. They keep on adding new features (fortunately that I don't need) but can't be bothered to sort out this GPU problem, even though every other app I use from C4D to ZBrush to Unfold3D all work fine. The company will get no more money from me.

Thanks. If there's anything we can do from our end, plus let us know. The latest Nvidia drivers have certainly had some odd effects with my Mac, like my Esc key no longer works and it's very slow waking from sleep!

I'm bumping this back up. First, I don't think Mac Pros with Nvidia cards are that rare, not for people working with 3D and Substance apps, and secondly, why not just reintroduce the old baking system from v2.4.x? All it does is make maps, right? If that system worked on all Macs back in October of last year (!) why not just reuse it for the time being?

I just downloaded 2.5.1 to check and the baking is borked in that as well - right up to version 2017. So as has been mentioned, we're stuck on version 2.4.1 until someone bothers to fix this issue. Or just implement the baking system from this old version in the latest Mac builds!

I'm on a mid-2010 12-core Mac Pro, macOS Sierra with an Nvidia GTX980Ti. I'm having to use version 2.4 of Painter because it seems to be the only one that will bake usable data (or, in fact, any data at all). In fairness, 2.4 is probably all the power I'll ever need, and it works great – but it's annoying that, version after version, this deeply integral feature seems broken (for Mac users).

The Mac/Nvidia combo works fine for every other app I have. And I have a lot, from After Effects to ZBrush.

I'm playing with the Mat.FBX object and I get no AO bake with SP version 2.6, just a solid black bitmap, but if I roll back to 2.4.1 it works fine. This happens with one of the Normal maps too – I just get a solid grey. I think this behaviour also started with version 2.5. I'm running SP on MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.

Similar experience here. I can open v5.5 and create a new Substance, or even open one that I made with the previous version. But when I switch to Iray rendering, it shows the sample cube but no textures.

However, as soon as I load a complex .sbs from Substance Share it says 'computing...' at the bottom and freezes the app. I've downgraded to the previous version.

I'm running a mid-2010 Mac Pro, 12-core, 24GB RAM with GTX 908Ti, all Nvidia drivers up to date.

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