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Of all companies you could have joined up with you found Adobe.

Let me guess off of Steam in few months.

Off to insane subscription model we go huh?


To the people that worked on substance, I have nothing but praise. Honestly it's an incredible piece of software.

I am gonna disable updates on my steam and keep using substance 2018 forever. That is all I can say how I feel about this merger.

Is it possible to make precise brush stroke on round surfaces that will follow edge smoothly without pen tablet.

For example on uv uwrapped soccer ball.

If I wanted to have precise colored line (size 5 hard brush) that follows this edge smoothly without giving blocky end to line.

I know that I could create perfect circle line in photoshop import as alpha and stencil it on.

But I would rather use substance painter for everything if possible.

Tried lazy mouse but my hands just not good enough  :-[

Thank you.

That works great!

I am sorry this is in wrong thread.

Should be under Substance Painter  :'(

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Custom Alpha question.
 on: January 10, 2019, 08:23:41 pm 
Trying this custom alpha test pack.

Files are in psd format. So I saved them in png. Imported as alphas into substance painter.

example alpha.

when I use them for height/normal etc.

Edges of shape gives off height too.

Giving square pattern. I know why its happening with surrounding being gray instead of black.

Is there way to control that surrounding falloff area with substance.

Or I need to make my own stitching image with black surrounding.



 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

It works!

Baked AO and curvature in substance painter and created own export stack for photoshop.
Works perfect in game.

Also I think the third texture is RGB specular map

where RGB channels control

Red = intensity
Green = sharpness
Blue = reflectivity

Can I do this in substance painter too?

Also thanks for help!

That works.

How could I not seen that option when exporting :(

So when I export into photoshop.

I am getting this.

So I exported the UV layout (unwrap wireframe) same size as my document.
Than I clean up the substance diffuse layer output surrounding using wireframe as guide and just paint it black.

end up with this.

Same with normal map etc.

And it works!

Second question.

The game shader uses 5 texture in total.

Normal Map.
MAP texture (I don't understand how this texture is made)
One fabric texture and normal map.

End result will look like this.

Game SDK comes with photoshop 2D templates and occlusion is already baked in.

This three textures are just on multiply with various fill and opacity percentage.

Could I use substance painter light to bake my own ambient occlusion?

And how can I set my workflow in substance painter to make it easier to work with game.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Normal map export problem
 on: January 01, 2019, 11:18:43 pm 

I am trying to figure out how to export normal maps from Substance painter without surrounding area.

Not sure if that makes sense so here is in picture form.

This is what my racing suit looks.

My normal map from substance painter exported looks like this.

However the game expects normal map to be like this.

The outside of the UV unwrap to be black.

So when I import the model into game.
I get these nasty artifacts.

Also this is what the diffuse of substance painter export looks like.

but the game expects diffuse to be this (again without surrounding being baked)

I hope my question makes sense.

Been randomly trying millions of baking settings exports/templates for hours and cant figure it out  :-[


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