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My initial reaction wasn't happy either.

I really liked about Allegorithmic and Substance that there was an affordable perpetual license model and a Linux build. I know you haven't "announced anything yet" but we all know you don't have to. Adobe doesn't do perpetual license or Linux.

Every year I payed 150$ worth in upgrades for Designer and Painter. I wonder if Adobe will offer both tools together for 12,50$ a month. And allow me to use it after canceling the subscription. ;) (Careful, it's a rhetoric question.)

Substance tools were great for building a pipeline that was free of bloated Adobe or Autodesk software that keeps costing while offering no new features that matter. I don't see how Adobe (or Autodesk) are innovating since moving to subscription models - the opposite seems to be the case. Before they had to innovate to make people buy new versions. Now people are forced into subscription. If you stop subscription you can't even continue to use an old version.

I don't see how this is a good development for customers.

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