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Some smart materials have their normal format default to either opengl and directx (which may conflict with your project settings). You can change this in properties unter the label "normal format".

Some smart mats have this setting "exposed" others don't and you may have to search per sub-layer where this is available.

Before realizing this, I thought when you initially set your project setting to either format this would also auto update the smart materials default.

Even when turning off property tabs  to just "color", when I "pick" it will still pick height, roughness, etc.

The counter intuitive way of using a color pick, as I prefer it, is to make a new paint layer (or fill), click on the color tab in properties and use it's picker to just color pick. It works here.  Any possibility of having a secondary function for the picker that's on the tool shelf? Maybe when pressing "alt" it will just pick colors.


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