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So you started a sale on Steam knowing the sync feature is disabled.
Such irresponsibility.
I want to know when syncing will be back, or else I'll request a refund on steam.

Please compile it for 3DS Max 2016 too.
I'm limited to 3DS Max 2016 only, I know there's a legacy substance plugin available but it doesn't support 4k textures.

I just want to make something clear:
The moment Substance stops delivering standalone apps, I'm done; I may have a harder/longer workflow without it, but I'm not going to support Adobe and their Crapware Cloud.

As the saying goes:
All good things must come to an end. Actually all things will come to an end, but whatever.

Lets face it, it's all done; the Adobe employees who worked at Allegorithmic are just doing damage control.

We totally understand your fears, and we were expecting such reactions.
We chose to go and work with Adobe (nobody or nothing forced us to do this) because we truly believe this is the best move to still help rock the 3d world. We obviously talked a lot with Adobe people before doing this move, and we know that it's now our job to show you why we did it. We don't expect you to take any words for granting, this is by our actions that we will show you why we did it :)

In the meantime, you can read the blogpost from our CEO, explaining his feelings about it:

What will happen to the STEAM version? When will it be pulled out of steam? Will you do a last-sale chance for those wishing to buy it from there before getting removed?

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