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Hi, I'm having issues when importing into 3ds max a substance designer material I made.

the base color looks odd, like values were clamped or something. I have manually set the base color node to 8C but it didn't help. I attached a comparison of what it looks in 3ds max and how it looked in designer.

my normal map also look washed out in 3ds max. added screenshots comparing them in max and in designer.

any ideas how to fix this? grayscale maps look fine, as far as I can tell.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Normal seams visible?
 on: April 14, 2021, 06:27:33 am 
Hey, I made a hex tile material on substance designer and for some reason normal map seams are visible when I import it elsewhere (like 3ds max in this case).

how do I fix this? I don't see them on substance designer.

I see that in the preferences window you can select a *.sbsscn file as your default state, but it doesn't find any files with that extension, and I can't save one of my own. Also any info regarding this subject I found online is probably outdated.

How do I save a default state file?

I simply want to save my shader tesselation and scale settings so I don't need to configure it every time I switch packages.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Weld tool?
 on: March 10, 2021, 04:15:35 am 
Hi, I just found the old "substancetools" weld tool ( and and it's amazing. the discoloration it adds around the welds, the customization, it looks way better than the included weld tool with substance, except it's not for sale anymore.

Is there a way to buy it these days? if not, how do I achieve some similar effect?

hey, I have two questions:

1. when trying to make a material like this herringbone pattern stone walkway with a regular pattern on the borders, is it easier to make the mesh with separate faces for the borders and use a different material with a regular pattern, or is it easier to make the substance material to adapt to any shape of mesh and have a more regular pattern on the borders?

2. I've seen quite some wood tutorials online, but the procedural wood grain texture they make is always unrealistic, even cartoonish, so is it possible to make the planks procedurally but use a wood texture image for the individual planks, and have them use random parts of the image for each plank?

thanks in advance

hey, I'm fairly new to substance designer, even though I've seen many and many videos and courses online, enough to have a clear understanding on how the software works, I've yet to make a material myself.

I'm trying to recreate 3 materials, but I simply don't know all the nodes and how the different parameters work, so I get overwhelmed every time I try to start making them. maybe someone could help me out?

these are the materials:

asphalt shingles (more regular than what you usually see online)

stone cladding (irregular, something between these two)

herringbone stone walkway

I believe these should be fairly simple, but I'm having quite some trouble getting started.
thanks in advance

Hi, I was just trying substance 3ds max plugin, installed on both my workstation and a render node, and apparently the render node doesn't render the substance materials properly, I selected 4096 resolution on my substance material, but the node rendered buckets appear really pixelated.

known issue or something I'm doing wrong?

Hi, I just downloaded the substance plugin for 3ds max and a few free samples from substance source, and many times when I import a substance2 map to the slate material editor, and then click the substance to vray conversion thing, it will just load a vray material into the editor, without any links to the substance, or any correction maps. after I click "substance to vray" like 4 times it will load, sometimes it loads properly right away, sometimes it just won't, but usually after 4 or 5 times.

is this a known bug?

So I've seen a few tutorials so far, and was just going to start following one of them and learning substance designer, but the first thing the guy says is to add a "Tile Random" thing, wich just doesn't exist on my end. was it removed or am I doing something wrong already? I have Tile Generator but it doesn't do the same thing.

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