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Let me start by saying, it would be hypocritical of me to not be happy for Allegorithmic…if I were in the same position, I too would take the deal. I can totally understand the “Peter Jackson Moment” that Sebastien feels. (Despite that somehow feeling to be a poor metaphor seeing what hell the LoTR movies caused actors in New Zealand.)…I digress.
I would take the deal and skip away to the bank. Only time will tell what will actually happen in the long run...I choose to be optimistic...yet cautiously so.

However, for me, being located outside of the US the acquisition has quite a different slant on many levels. So let me change hats and also take the opportunity as a Substance user to vocalize my personal biggest concern:

For those of us who use Substance products and are located in countries that are Region-locked by Adobe, will the acquisition affect our ability to continue to access Substance products in the near or foreseeable future?

P.S. There are probably legal reasons why Allegorithmic staff cannot answer with specifics on particular matters...Hence the "For now"s and so forth. The ink is still drying on whatever papers they have signed. I will wait until things are ironed out and iron-clad so they can speak with better authority.

Finally finished and submitted. I also decided that "Baron Von Neon" seemed like a fitting title for this car. Neon and Baroque elements...methinks it fits. Anyhooo...It's been a blast. Here are some of my final images. Best of luck to everyone, I have been having a blast seeing everyone's entries. Thank you all for sharing, Thanks to Allegorithmic and crew, Nvidia, Wacom, Sketchfab and Car Design News. Let's do this again soon :3

LOVE THIS! Simple clean great shapes, Good Color scheme and graphical Elements.

Ok...Been at it all day. I think other than the license plate and a few tweaks here and there, it's looking to be done.
I will have a look at it again in the morning with Fresh eyes.
I had fun doing this. I was nice to give myself an excuse to work so intensively with Substance painter. Best of luck to everyone!

This is where I am at thus far. Dialed back on the scrollwork up front and reordered a few things.
I feel like I am heading in the right direction...I think >__>

Very Cool. Looks like a Damascus Steel pattern. Good Stuff!

Looking good! Nice touch with the graffiti elements. Love the work on the wheels as well.

This is awesome man!! I guess it wasn't just me who had the Baroque idea in mind  ;D
Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Thanks. ;D LOL...Yeah noticed quite a few with baroque type details after the fact. I may dial back on the baroque elements a bit. Depends on how its feeling.

Feel like I am getting closer. I wanted to add a splash of color into the mix.

Ignore the pattern on the roof...That is just filler. Drew in the wing on the back sides this evening. Made a few alphas in Photoshop and used some of the SP brushes to add the color. I used several layers and changed the blend modes to get some interesting results.
Will keep going and see where it leads.

Good job!  I like the first one better, but it's just the way I see it :)
Same. Thanks for the feedback. appreciate it.

Yeah I am really digging this. Love the contrasty graphic style, simple use of colors and shapes. Good job!

Greetings all. I am tossing myself into the Fray. Entering this pretty late. Heard about this a few days ago and hit the ground running...Seeing a lot of awesomesauce designs around. Not sure what I am going for TBH, I just do know I want to incorporate some baroque-styled details with some modern elements. So far I have two options. I will play around with colors later, but just want to get the baroque elements in as they take the longest. Feedback welcome.

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