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Hi there, I thought this was a usage issue on my part for a bit but now I'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure I cannot get any diffuse texture to render on the Relief shader, nor the blinn shader, & physically spec_gloss. On my Mac it always seems to be black.. the physically based shader seems to work, the lambert, not the others.

Have tried switching engines and no luck. Have checked my diffuse is 8Bit..

The chipset is NVIDIA GeForce 9400 (256mb vram)
Its a 3.06GHtz cpu
OSX 10.6.8
8GB ram

Thanks for any advice!

Hi, in SD I can build interesting materials, but when it comes to exporting I am hitting a few issues. This is my graph with the least errors. Can someone with some experience please help me understand what I must do to get past this error in the screenshot?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there I would be keen to see some examples of good weathering and other effects like edge dirt. Can anyone make any tutorial recommendations that are relatively up-to-date? Thanks

Hello Painter wont let me >Rightclick> Export all channels as shown in the videos despite me paying for this..

It says to buy on Steam but I already brought on the Unity Asset store.

Please advise urgently how to get around this bug.


In this video at 19 minutes the UI shows using the "Normal Mapper". Is that now something else? I couldn't locate it.


Hi there,

Is there anything special we have to do to ensure the viewport 3d preview is at its highest settings? I can't help but feel I'm not seeing the full quality output of my nodular noobdom.


EDIT: Nevermind, I simply wasn't zoomed in enough :)

Say I have 1024x1024 textures and my models output texture would also want to be 1024, should I scale down the size of the source painting textures in Photoshop or similar, or is there a way of scaling down the textures in SP when painting them on?

So as an example, I might have a repeating rock feature that I like in a source texture, but when painting on model its too big or the texture detail is just not appearing. Should I scale down the source texture externally, or is there a way to do this inside SP?

Thank you!


I can't seem to find a hieracy window in painter, and my multi-object models seem to import as a single mesh..Is the best way to use painter to split objects up in my modelling app and import each piece separately one at a time? So you only ever have a single mesh in a scene?

Is there alternatively any merit in having a single modeled object, with multiple materials - or is that kind of pointless?

Thanks a bunch :)

Hiya, I can't seem to deactivate the specular channel in the 3d view. In the document settings I removed the metallic layer but my model still looks like shiny plastic.

Is there a trick to disabling this? Thanks :)

Greets! -Unity artist/ Painter new user here. This is the model I am going to use to try and learn SP. Any tips before I start? First question: Is an auto-UV-Layout a suitable way to save this file for import to painter? I'll hit the tutorials prett y hard for the next couple of days but wanted to make a first post. Hopefully this is a fun learning experience..

Thanks :)

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