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This is really needed. It's been almost a year since this thread was posted, please Allegorithmic, hook our Space Pilot's up to Substance painter! working without a Space Pilot is working with one hand tied behind our backs.

The brush tool in substance designer has a scatter option that would be really fantastic to have in substance painter. Color jitter would be great too.

So UE4 has a cross compiler for their shaders. You can generate HLSL or GLSL. Has anyone had any success in bringing a UE4 generated GLSL shader into substance painter or designer?

Yes, this is a must. Mari and 3d-Coat both support Photoshop .abr format, Substance Painter should too.

Yup this is needed! makes painting in 3dcoat really awesome, and I am hesitant to work without a 3d mouse.

 Here's a link to get started don't think it's too hard to implement, the first space mouse I got was over 12 years ago before Maya was offically supported and my wife was able to knock out a plugin to get working like a champ in an evening.

Pressure sensitivity with my Yiyunova works great now! thank you so much!

 You guys are a great crew of developers!

I'm not getting pressure sensitivity in substance painter using my Yiyunova msp19u, It uses a UC logic digitizer, works great in Photoshop and Zbrush. Would be nice if it worked in Substance painter as well.

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