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Ahh great. You went the ransomware option. Not only are you converting to ransomware 'licensing' you did it with the most reckless ransomware company possible, the company who lost all their 'subscribers' data in a colossal breach.

painting the height channel while using a stencil or projection leaves a nasty ugly seam across UV islands.
Height to normal creates seams along the UV islands as well.

You are not alone Uqbar. I too find substance functions to be an absolute nightmare to work with. I too would prefer a scripting interface to at least the functions, preferably the whole of designer. Making complex materials gets to be an absolute mess of spaghetti, which impacts workflow efficiency, readability, maintenance, re-usability, and team work. Unfortunately it does not look like Substance was built with a 'shading language' in mind, and there doesn't seem to be any intention to improve the usability of functions in the near term. Depending on your needs, you should look into Renderman SE expressions and of course c++ shaders.

If Adobe kills Linux support they kill Substances presence in VFX. Game design +VFX is a much smaller market than what the rest of Adobe exploits so I do actually doubt they will kill Linux unless it will make a quarterly report look better. I am fully expecting Linux support to lag behind others though.


Can't afford $2000 for that. Yikes.

That price is looking better in light of the acquisition. If $2k is what I have to pay to maintain control of my work so be it. Software subscription needs to die in a fire.

Wes, as a community leader, proven to have a level head on your shoulders, can we please hear your unedited opinion, unadorned with sugary toppings?

 That isn't going to happen. I guarantee you everyone that is public facing at Allegorithmic has had PR training and been given a script of Adobe approved talking points that must be stuck too. Honest opinions are not allowed.

Well this is sad. I hope you all of you at Allegorithmic realize you have destroyed the trust you built with your customers. It's not that you are dishonest, it's that your new master is. Nothing you say is to be trusted anymore because it can be over ridden. Allegorithmic is no longer the sole authority on Substance. Today I am really glad I never came to rely 100% on the Substance suite for my tools and kept my Mari knowledge up to date.

fixed it. Had to install through command line with no dependencies as the package is looking for an ancient version of libtiff. You probably won't have this issue if you are using CentOS.

I am trying to install Substance Painter.rpm With the GNOME software tool. It gets to 75% and bails out, failing to install. This method worked perfectly for Substance Designer. Is there a preferred method for installing Substance tools on Linux?

My first completed attempt at human skin using Substance Painter and Substance Designer. The other textures were also made in Substance. These are rendered in UE4.

 The following links contain artistic nudity, and are from the Substance painter viewport

Thanks for the quick reply!

 I want to create maps for the various grooming attributes in Nvidia Hairworks. A 3d paint application would make life much simpler and result in much higher quality grooms.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Values higher than 1
 on: July 31, 2015, 10:43:46 pm 
I want to use substance painter to paint some attribute maps and I need values higher than 1. Is it possible to do this in substance painter?

Out of curiosity, what are the sepcific PS features that are missing in Painter and makes the SD step mandatory?
Scatter, brush libraries, color jitter, dual brush, better shape control, I am sure I will run into more.
 Lots of things I can do on a case by case basis, but would be nice if I didn't have too! How possible is it to get .abr support in Painter? Right now my process to just get a brush alpha out of Photoshop and into Painter is a bit long.

Trying to move some of my reliable Photoshop brushes over to substance painter. Not only do I have to build a substance graph for most of them to mimic some of the functionality that Photoshop has that Painter doesn't. I have to resize the brush alpha to be a square so that it doesn't come in distorted in Painter.

Yes, I am well aware of the existing jitter options, they are nice, I am glad they are there. There needs to be more options, especially for color. Also the existing options do not replicate what the scatter brush option does in substance designers bitmap node. Scatter brushes are pretty standard in painting applications these days.

 Some of the short fall can be made up with using substance designer but it would be better to have the options directly in the brush engine.

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