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Ok, after the surprise, I have reviewed your comments on the current licenses. They assure us that those of us who have acquired the perpetual licenses of the 2018 version, will continue that way.

We have your word. That works for me.

I still believe in you and I hope things go well for everyone.
The best of luck, and thanks for Substance!

Have you heard about Flash player? How about Acrobat reader ??

Not to mention their monthly subscriptions and intrusive bloatware.

I do not understand how they could think that it would be a good idea to integrate this company.

I understand that this is how things work, but really, I think the community was very fond and grateful for your incredible software. That worked perfectly well, it was very fun to use and with very affordable licensing options. I started using the student license and do not hesitate a minute to acquire the indie license. I feel very sad that it may be the last.

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