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As nobody at sales is answering and the contact form doesnt send out anything, despite all information being the the form. I will reply here again

So i did that, ordered 3 yearly licenses, which we recieved, but didnt update in the my monthly payments tab. so i cancelled the 3 monthly licenses which ran out. Now we have 2 yearly licenses with old license keys working but shown as cancelled in the system.the third license is gone, despite being paid for.
I also ordered a new one and did not get a reply by the sales team.

This is highly frustrating.

thank you, will do!

i think this info should be on the website :)

Hey guys, we have the same issue. Is there no way to set up a Sepa transfer or anything? It doesnt have to be paypal.

how does a company with quite a bunch of licenses needed handle this? Credit Cards usually have limits for safety reasons, say i would like to purchase 10 yearly pro licenses, this would exceed normal creditcard monthly limits.

i doubt bigger companies buy a hundred licenses via creditcard, so how can this be handled?



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