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.....aahh, ok. I'm a noob, thanks for your help.

2 this what you asked for?


 The Vray next UDIM preset exports all the other maps except the base color, the log says it's not available in the stack, but it shows it's in the stack.

.....the log says

....any help is appreciated.

.....why not just use a bump, normal or displacement map ? Don't they do the same as an inverted glossy map?(roughness)


 I've searched the net and cant find out why the vray export config exports blank maps. I have to make the maps in materialize. I'm exporting to 3dsMax 2020 , vray next. My workflow..... I import an fbx file ( good UV's). template is....PBR - metallic roughness(allegorithmic), texturing , export textures. Any help is appreciated.


ps...why do i have to do captcha every 2 minutes?

I would like help to know how to ........1. flip the projected texture horizontally, vertically etc in projection paint   2. adjust the opacity of the projection texture.


 This is not good news. Adobe will bring in subscription only and you can say goodbye to perpetual licenses. Notice how it was said that the licenses will remain the same, "for now". The Subscription business model is a direct result of corporate greed. You are a user of our software and you will pay 1000's a year to do so. So Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe's , Autodesks, Ubisofts , Activisions and EA's of the world, very sad. I don't know how you thought this news was going to be received well.

I was watching a video about making and baking hair in substance painter ( english subs) but got stuck at , how to show material in alpha map. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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