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It's 2021 what's the solution for fixing skewed normals in Substance Painter? Surely that should be a thing by now =D.
Like come on we can auto unwrap in SP!

Apparently you can fix normals in Substance Designer?
However searching "bake normal maps in Substance Designer" = a video from 2015 and searching for "fix normal map skewing Substance Designer" = 0 results? So it's not an obvious easy solution.

It we be amazing to have a paint solution like Marmosets Toolbag does.....



Is there a way in Substance Painter to export variations of a texture?

Simple example is a box/crate which will have options for different colours and a symbol. Blue/ Purple/ Green etc
I want to export out an albedo for each one. They all feed off the same roughness + grunge map setups, but have different stylized colour variations + symbol. (Easy to keep in the same file but make some subtle variations)
Currently I export texture > copy to another folder > rename. Then recycle that process. I have 3 colours and 4 symbols, so that's 12 variations.  This is ok to do once, but if changes are made it becomes tedious.

I can think of 3 easy ways to solve this but Substance Painter doesn't allow any of them?
  • An option to add a suffix onto an exported texture without editing the template. 
  • An option to create a new texture set within SP that then takes advantage of the template naming conventions
  • An option to not overwrite existing texture but adds an incremental version name afterwards (least useful but saves copying to another folder)

Any thoughts on how to better achieve this would be great.


Is there a workaround or option to be able to see the mesh when manipulating the stencil? Having the entire screen blacked doesn't help when trying to align it? Very strange default functionality idea; it should be at 60% at least. Or even an option to control it..... :).

Good to hear you guys are working on it.  =)

Came on here to make this suggestion as it's just unnecessary/time-consuming managing all the assets if they download into one giant pool.

This is a really sad moment.
Allegorithmic was amazing because of its independence and innovation!!!

The way Substance Painter has been so agile in its development in the past few years has been fantastic.
Allegorithmic really felt like a future company who I wanted to support and in turn they supported artists.
Definitely don't feel the same way about Adobe. They are a monolithic machine that swallows and digests the competition.
The Adobe subscription based model is horrific they have so many people by the balls and constantly squeeze more.

I truly hope this turns out for the best. But I honestly can't think of one company that's stayed innovative after being bought by its larger competitor.

A rectangle marquee tool would be fantastic, even just adding an option in Polygon fill box to do free hand drag selection would suffice.

It'd be incredibly handy for masking block areas.
Currently, if you want to mask a stripe or block area that falls outside your polygon lines there's no easy solution apart from hand painting it which isn't ideal?

Is it not possible to create a dialogue within Bitmap 2 Material / Substance Player that exports as diffuse/ reflection/ glossiness map output instead of the PBR stuff?

Can totally use Substance Designer to convert the materials but these lightweight standalone apps are great and an ideal solution to convert data.

Slight necro on this thread but thought I'd mention that I had this problem too and it was driving me crazy.

The solution was to disable pen pressure as mentioned above. I didn't know about that option location until you mentioned it.

Cheers =).

Worked great first time for 3ds Max 2017 + Vray 3.6.

Thanks heaps, extremely useful =).

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