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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Substance Launcher
 on: January 29, 2021, 11:38:38 pm 
For some reason I don't have the Launcher on my workstation anymore (no idea what happened to it) but I just came back to the Substance site and there's no downloads for the Launcher- in fact there's no more mention of it anywhere on the site or anything.

Has it been discontinued or something?

2 As a business owner I completely understand the decision here; but this is such a great piece of software, but most importantly the team behind the software is the most valuable asset here. Acquisitions historically have huge implications for teams, and when you're talking about the incredible team at Allegorithmic and the culture established there- that now completely changes the DNA of the company like it or not.
That isn't to say Adobe is a "bad" company, that it is not. However, it is a different company, with a different culture and it will definitely show and affect our favorite texturing software as the acquisition matures over time. To think differently is to be unrealistically optimistic, this is the reality of the software industry.

Not to make this post super long, but humor me because I find this part personally and professionally interesting.
The early adopters of Allegorithmic's software (which is the critical group to win over if you apply the Law of Diffusion of Innovations) successfully helped Alleg move to win over the next key group (the early majority); which has been historically the trail of success that has led Substance software to become the industry leader in CG texturing software (the reason why an "old guard" like Adobe decided not to compete and acquire instead).
The whole reason Alleg has been so successful (if you follow economical theories and principles from people like Simon Sinek), is because Alleg has/had a clear mission that resonated with a key group of equally passionate users/customers, the early adopters. As this group (which includes myself and just about every one of my colleagues in the AAA games industry that textures for a living or hobby) backed the software and spread awareness to the other groups on the bell curve, Alleg went from obscure and unknown startup to the industry leader in texturing. A key part of the success is the "authenticity" of Alleg's message in regards to being a disruptor, indie, underdog, and passionate team of devs changing the texturing software industry- something that all early adopters bought into and supported. There are two key things in regards to authenticity; you have to voice the message of authenticity, and then follow with action.
Actions that Alleg took to prove authenticity to early adopters:
- very flexible licensing terms
- relatively cheap price for great software
- great customer support
- innovation/fast and impressive cadence of updates
- value added through a great subscription model
- great communication with their community (early adopters make up the majority of the comms on the forums- this goes for all software; larger groups like early majority, late majority, and laggards won't make the extra effort to register, sign in, and spend time writing forum posts, etc.)

Once an acquisition happens (in any case, not just this one) the list of actions that "prove" authenticity to the early adopters get muddied and the company's message/mission no longer resonates with this group. For proof of this, just look at the majority negative/disapproval feedback on the forums, which is being voiced by a majority of the "early adopters" group. I'm not saying acquisitions are bad and not beneficial in anyway, but like with anything there are pros and cons. Alleg got a strong following and achieved business/market success due to the company developing a culture and identity as an under dog indie startup, disrupting the CG texturing software industry, creating innovation only possible by both having a clear mission statement of identity AND being independent from the usual red tape and conservative principles that tend to govern large industry titans and corporations, like Adobe (again not bad, just a different way of doing business).

There's a deeper topic here but I don't want to delve into it too far as this wall of text is already pretty high. I just find this part of the business world to be really fascinating and I wanted to break down what this acquisition means and why people (including myself) are reacting the way we are. I think the most passionate of the early adopter group feel somehow "betrayed" because they feel that Alleg has done a 180 of their original mission statement/identity overnight; and people will oversimplify the reasoning to something easily digestible, like the idea that the move was solely motivated by money- which it never is as simple as that.

As an early adopter and happy customer and enthusiast (I'm one of those devs, like many I'm sure, that gathers people around the water cooler at the studio telling people "have you used Substance yet? It's so awesome!") I will continue using Substance products while it continues to "wow" me. But like many others, if there's another group that comes up with a stellar product that is driven by the culture and identity that Allegorithmic originally won me over with years ago, they may end up acquiring my business and loyalty; and so the world continues turning.

Congrats to Allegorithmic and looking forward to a positive and great 2019!

Long time Substance user here, and have run into a confusing issue, here goes:

- just purchased the Black Friday deal for a year subscription of Substance software for $159 (on
- expected to get access to latest versions of Designer and Painter (that's what I understood I was buying); only got access to older versions of Designer/Painter
- I don't have access to the latest Substance software on my account ( I believe I should, but don't
- I (like to) use Substance through Steam, just makes things easier when I move between computers/laptops
- I don't have access to the latest Substance software on my Steam account- I'd like to continue using the new versions on Steam... I hit the Sync Licenses button in my allegorithmic account, but nothing updated on Steam...

Has anyone else been confused by the Black Friday subscription deal? Is it meant to only give you access to older versions of Substance, is this a bug, or did I purchase something I didn't understand?

Just went back to investigate on the website, and this is the actual product description for what I purchased:

"Substance - Indie license - Annual Plan
Always use the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance B2M and access to Substance Source.
$239 / year per user."

When I look in my account, I can't get the latest versions of any software, for example Substance Painter only goes up to version 2018.3; but the latest is 2019
Starting to think this is a bug in Allegorithmic's account system

My SD from Steam updated on day of release. Maybe check if you have automatic updates disabled for Substance Designer in Steam?

I double checked that, and yeah it's set to auto update.

The weird thing is, if you look at the Steam page for Substance Designer, it shows that the most recent update news is from October 28 (version 5.5.3), so it's definitely not something wrong on my end if the official Steam news page for SD is saying that.

Maybe the update is being released at different times based on region? I'm in the USA.

Has anyone else seen the outdated news on the SD Steam page as well? Can anyone else confirm they're seeing that?

Congrats on the release of Substance Designer 5.6!

Now my question, looks like 5.6 is out but within Steam the most recent update is for 5.5.3. The latest news is also for 5.5.3.

Will you guys be rolling out the 5.6 update late for Steam users? If so, when can we expect it?

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