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As the subject says. Painter hangs within 10 seconds of starting to paint on a regular paint layer, I recreate the problem by starting substance, load the Preview Sphere sample file and start painting.

My System:

Windows 10 build 1709
Substance Painter 2017.4.0

Core i7 6700k
32gb ram
AMD Radeon RX Vega56, driver 17.11.1 WHQL driver.
SSD Drive
XP-Pen Artist22e, beta driver for Win10 1709 build. However, this works great in all other applications I tested. And it doesnt matter if I have it plugged in or not, still same result.

If I paint slowly across the surface it seems to last longer before it hangs but as soon as I start to paint at a regular pace it hangs and I can't recover from it. No logs other than before it hangs can be extracted as far as I know.  Is there a debug mode I can turn on? Any ideas? Could it be the RX Vega that is not compatible?


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