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If it was not about the money you could just have open sourced it and it would definitely flourish. But that road is too scary.

Sad to see the suite go. Glad that I didn't have to much invested in it.

Hi thanks for your answer.

For me this has been fixed with the new driver from AMD, Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1. It was released 2 days ago on december 12 2017. I hope this fixes the issue for other people as well.



As the subject says. Painter hangs within 10 seconds of starting to paint on a regular paint layer, I recreate the problem by starting substance, load the Preview Sphere sample file and start painting.

My System:

Windows 10 build 1709
Substance Painter 2017.4.0

Core i7 6700k
32gb ram
AMD Radeon RX Vega56, driver 17.11.1 WHQL driver.
SSD Drive
XP-Pen Artist22e, beta driver for Win10 1709 build. However, this works great in all other applications I tested. And it doesnt matter if I have it plugged in or not, still same result.

If I paint slowly across the surface it seems to last longer before it hangs but as soon as I start to paint at a regular pace it hangs and I can't recover from it. No logs other than before it hangs can be extracted as far as I know.  Is there a debug mode I can turn on? Any ideas? Could it be the RX Vega that is not compatible?


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