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I do not care to pay as long as it's reasonable and justified. Honestly the only two thing that worries me is to have performing and innovative software and not unaffordable, reserved for businesses. Let's see some numbers…

Zbrush : 895 $ perpetual licence
3D Coat : 379 $ perpetual licence
Blender : 2.8 Free ( the best )
Suite allegorithmic : 290 perpetual licence (20,00€/mois + 49€)
Fusion 9 Studio : 269 € perpetual licence
Suite Affinity : 110 € perpetual licence

And there is more… So explain to me this: Photoshop 20 €/mois = 240 €/years. It's not much compared to others, especially if you are a pro. But what I'm getting at is you can not choose to pay or not the update. Why are so many companies doing this and not them ?  It is not yet comparable to autodesk, they are in space at the price level but Adobe like them does not leave the choice. I want to be able to keep the right to choose to pay or not.

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