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After giving up on later versions of SP after version 2.4.1, I just upgraded to High Sierra and find that baking works properly in 2.6.2 (hurrah!). So, my question is, will the latest version of SP 2018 work as well? (Annoyingly I can't run the demo as I've already had an evaluation license and it won't let me run the demo again)

So, are there any Mac users successfully running SP 2018.x on High Sierra with an 'usupported' Nvidia GPU? If so, I'll upgrade!

I'm playing with the Mat.FBX object and I get no AO bake with SP version 2.6, just a solid black bitmap, but if I roll back to 2.4.1 it works fine. This happens with one of the Normal maps too – I just get a solid grey. I think this behaviour also started with version 2.5. I'm running SP on MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.

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