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So I turned my subscription to perpetual when Allegorithmic was bought by Adobe but now I am stuck with the 2018 version. I want to upgrade to the new version but I am not sure which option to choose.

Should I get a monthly subscription or get the 75$ perpetual upgrade? Sorry if I sound stupid but I am not sure what the difference between these is.

So I am still on the fence about the acquisition but you definitely have more resources at your disposal atm.

I am a Blender user and it breaks my heart that I will soon have to abandon it for MAX or Maya if I want to get a job in the domain.

The biggest turnoff about the softwares mentioned is that they provide too little for the price they are asking. I mean, the subscription is just absurd and barely affordable by small indie studios. Compared to your very reasonable prices Autodesk are just SHAMELESS. And the only reason they can do this is because Blender is not "real" competition.

So why not make a new 3D modeling tool made with the Substance philosophy? With your innovation, customer-oriented philosophy and Adobe's resources you could really make something special. Autodesk could use a bit of competition. Atm, they only have Blender, which although is an amazing tool is not really used by professionals so it's not "real" competition. I would be all over it if you guys did this!


So I love your software, I really do but your answers on what happens to perpetual are pretty vague. I have one more payment until I can get the perpetual licence but I am scared that Adobe will find a way to ruin that. I don't care about your feelings and justifications. Don't try to tell me that everything is going to be OK. This smells like an ActiBlizz situation from a mile away. 

Is it possible to switch to Steam in my case once I have 12 payments? Would that even be a good idea? I just want to keep my beloved software as it is. I don't care if I won't get any more updates if they screw it up, the software is great as it is.

I tried baking the Curvature map in Marmoset and SP but each of them have problems. Marmoset does not bake all the curve information and the one from SP comes out grainy and lower res which makes the masks low res while the marmoset texture has no edge information at all on the receiver. The problem is in the Receiver area. What is the solution here???


While trying to solve my artifact problems on the pistol texture I discovered that turning off Auto-Smooth in Blender makes all the baking artifacts disappear BUT makes the edges have dark shading BUT only on metallic textures. If I do this on an object that is going to have non-metallic textures, it looks perfectly fine. Why is this? I have a feeling it has something to do with the fresnel.

Either way, can I use this workflow for objects that are not going to have metallic textures such as stone and wood? It would not only speed up my workflow but also reduce my final vert count because I am no longer obligated to mark every hard edge as as seam. What do you think? Is this a "valid" workflow when making games?

Here is what I am talking about:

I am having trouble getting artifact-free bakes in my latest bakes. I am baking a high-poly object with a bevel onto a low-poly object. Problem is, that everywhere there isn't a seam I get artifacts on the edges that are supposed to be beveled.

Here is a demonstration:

I know of two ways of fixing the problem, both of which I find unsatisfactory. The first is to have a seam on every edge that is set to be beveled. I don't like this because it makes a mess of my UV layout and I want to have as few seams as possible. An idea that just popped in my head is to mark those edges as seams and unwrap but the position of the islands is the same, as if they had not been cut. Is this possible?

The other solution involves adding a destructive bevel to those edges but I really don't like this because it adds extra precious geometry.

Are these the only solutions? I would really appreciate a solution to this but I would also appreciate an explanation to why this happens because on one of my other models none of this happened, where technically (at least from my POV) it should have happened. Here is what I am talking about:

Why didn't it happen in this case? Is there a technical explanation for this?

Thank you!

I am making a sword and I want it to be as detailed as possible. A sword is a long object, meaning that in order to maximize the UV space, I have to cut it in pieces. I tried leaving the blade intact but this wastes a lot of UV space. The resolution is 2048x2048. If this can be fixed, can someone tell me step by step how to do this? I am still kind of new to Substance Painter.

Here is a picture. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

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