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Hi everyone, my name is Jason. I am currently studying 3D through online resources and couldn't pass an opportunity to get back to Substance Painter through this competition. I have previously played around with Substance Painter for a bit, but it's just for a while and it has been a long time. With a very cool competition like this popping up while scrolling through Youtube, I instantly updated my Substance Painter and get cracking  ;D ;D

For the theme of this Art Car, I had a thought of having 2 different art styles colliding with each other in harmony. The first one of this is inspired by the Classical Baroque patterns that I have been reading about recently. I felt that the fluid motion displayed in the floral patterns would look great on one side of the car. The second style is Graffiti. The idea was similar, with the general abstract yet fluid interlocking pattern of Graffiti decorating the other side. Thus the name "Classically Imbalanced"

Link to my ArtStation project:

The general shots to show all the details:

Shots showing the patterns of the Classical Baroque and Graffiti

To show the wheels in closer perspective:

Had a little bit of fun in this one, since I thought of the car of being more futuristic, I assume all normal license plates would disappear and be replaced with barcodes where cameras in the highway can easily scan  ;D ;D. Give it a scan to know what is written  :D

These renders are all done on 1920 x 1080. Everytime I change the resolution to the recommended value of 3840x2160, it keeps crashing. The same thing happened when I tried to change the Texture Set Resolution to 4K. My apologies if there is some pixelation in some parts of the picture.

Here are some of the screenshots of my project:

Thanks for reading this post, any critiques or tips and tricks that you have is very much welcomed as I am looking to improve. I had to submit my entry earlier today since I won't be able to continue off it the following days. Also a big thank you to the sponsors and Allegorithmic for hosting this awesome competition, had a lot of fun doing it!!

Good luck to others who are joining as well! ;)

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