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Is it possible to add custom inputs like normal and ao to blend with the tileable material loaded? even if the inputs would have to be set in the material, like a filter on Painter.

I was thinking about buying b2m in the coming sales but since Alchemist will be a B2M on steroids im not sure if i should do that. So im wondering what will happens to it after the release of Alchemist?

When i export from substance ''R:Metalic G:AO B:(Empty) A:Roughness'' it will end up transfering the Alpha to te blue channel, is possible to make it maintain the Alpha channel?

Looks like only the RGB works fine, i can't see any shading problem but seems to me that the right way would be with the alpha channel.

I was reading some post about this problem here and in unreal forum but they where about the sRGb checkbox that i have already unchecked, tried to match the lights the best i could but the diffrence is still pretty big.

So any idea of what i am missing?, No trying to get it spot on, but somewhat close so the results can be predictable.

Substance, Marmoset and Unreal

Unreal and Unity

I want to paint oil above some parts of this model, but if i paint with the oil set to ''non metal'' it will have some white spots and i can't control the opacity of the layer, if i turn off the metallic properties of the layer it will looks better, but will be way too diffrente above a dialectric material.

So, how is the right way to do that?, i guess that this is kind of the same problem if painting other liquids too?

The difference btw them above the metal.

The difference btw them above metal and dielectric

Hi, i am having  problem baking normal map. they get blurry and end up with scrateches, asking or not for painter to compute tangent space the results are the same, i am also getting this error.

''[Scene 3D] Failed to compute tangents; need UV data in channel0''

Funny thing is that earlier with the same mesh and settings the bakas where only blurry, but without scratches.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Black normal map
 on: March 25, 2017, 04:54:48 am 
Hi, i am a beginner, i saw a tutorial on youtube for how to bake a normal map in substance6 and it was pretty simple, so i tried, and the result is always a black normal map, the hi poly and the low are pretty simple, probably they aren't god, however, i don't think that the problem is that, and in the 3d view, i can't find how to show the background.

OBS: im using the 30 days trial version.

I can provide more info if needed.

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