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The b2m2 material is 1 node with many variables. In my mind this node should be a giant network of levels, and colour maps etc.. How does one go about creating a node with all of these variables without being a huge network?

So , when I attempt to bake an ambient occlusion pass within substance designer (directx and opengl) it consistently causes my video drivers to crash. The attached photo should answer all of the spec questions anyone may have. The drivers are the latest for this card btw. Any tips, ideas, comments?

1st post. Go me!  ;D

I was wondering, is it possible to create a substance using mesh adaptive nodes (directional leaks) and allow the end user to choose a tangent space normal map, curvature, position, world space normals from within substance player?

As an example:

Say you had 3 meshes, a stone head, a stone foot and a stone torso, all with very different uvs. How would I be able to bring in the head, provide a tangent space normal map, then bake out the maps? Then the same for the foot, then the same for the torso.

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