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I'm trying to use the Substance integration inside 3ds max with Redshift and it's not really working very well.

I get this error at render time

The map '(null)' (Substance2Output / #{39670366,5b80451d}) is not supported by Redshift.

It also doesn't work at all with IPR in redshift which makes it pretty useless.

I am running max 2021 and the latest build of Redshift, although it was an issue with previous builds too.

I mentioned this on the Redshift forums and this was the response from one of the devs
Not 100% sure where they’re at with this.  Last year I had worked out a proposal with the developer of the Max plugin for Substance.  We exchanged a few prototypes and then things went quiet.  Maybe we’re each waiting for the other to do something.  My last email to them was at the end of November last year, and I didn’t get a reply.  I haven’t had a chance to check in with them again.  I’ll do that now.

From my end, there is not much to do.  The code is just sitting dormant, waiting to be enabled.  From their end, they needed to basically overhaul their shader management and implement it in C++ (instead of MaxScript, which is how they have been providing conversions).  My understanding is that when it’s done they would let me know.

Another issue in Max (not sure if this is only regarding Redshift) is the amount of time it takes to process the maps.
I am using the heavy_cracked_concrete_sidewalk_01.sbsar from substance source.

512 x 512 is pretty much instant
1024 x1024 takes 8 sec
4096 x 4096 (which I would prob use the most often) takes 2min 30sec

I want the flexibility of keeping the files as .sbar but not at the expense of 2:30 a frame.

ah thats a shame, no worries it's easy enough to work around I guess.

Cheers for the quick response

not sure if this is a bug or known limitation etc... couldnt find any info on it anywhere.

I'm painting a head and roughly putting in some colour zones with a dirt brush, then blur to soften.  I am having an issue that when I use the blur filter is reveals clear breaks across the UV islands. 

Not doing anything special here, just a fill layer with only colour channel selected then paint effect and blur filter.

Any help or workarounds would be awesome. cheers

Thanks a lot for your reply. THe problem is that Painter's baker just can't read Polypaint information in OBJs. So in the end I just exported FBX directly from Zbrush and was able to bake ID map in Painter. Thanks a lot!

I haven't had this problem, painter will read the polypaint data as vertex colour from zbrush when exporting as obj.  Make sure vertex colour is selected in the ID baker settings, which i think is default..

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