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So I turned my subscription to perpetual when Allegorithmic was bought by Adobe but now I am stuck with the 2018 version. I want to upgrade to the new version but I am not sure which option to choose.

Should I get a monthly subscription or get the 75$ perpetual upgrade? Sorry if I sound stupid but I am not sure what the difference between these is.

Now that you have the resources of Adobe have you considered making a 3D modeling and Sculpting tool? Autodesk could use some competition.

Now that we are in Adobe, we can definitely expand the scope of what we can do  ;)

Substance Creator. How's that for a name?

Now that you have the resources of Adobe have you considered making a 3D modeling and Sculpting tool? Autodesk could use some competition.

So I am still on the fence about the acquisition but you definitely have more resources at your disposal atm.

I am a Blender user and it breaks my heart that I will soon have to abandon it for MAX or Maya if I want to get a job in the domain.

The biggest turnoff about the softwares mentioned is that they provide too little for the price they are asking. I mean, the subscription is just absurd and barely affordable by small indie studios. Compared to your very reasonable prices Autodesk are just SHAMELESS. And the only reason they can do this is because Blender is not "real" competition.

So why not make a new 3D modeling tool made with the Substance philosophy? With your innovation, customer-oriented philosophy and Adobe's resources you could really make something special. Autodesk could use a bit of competition. Atm, they only have Blender, which although is an amazing tool is not really used by professionals so it's not "real" competition. I would be all over it if you guys did this!

Just got my perpetual licence. Not taking any chances.

I truly hope you won't end up like this

Thanks ;-)
(For info, Mixamo team has been multiplied by 3 since they joined Adobe, and we are hiring :) : )

I am glad to hear that and I hope this will lead to new and exciting stuff but remember that after Blizzard was merged with Activision all was well for a few years. Now they are firing people even after their most profitable year. Sure they were making a lot of money but it wasn't as much as their greedy overlords wanted.

Just got my perpetual licence. Not taking any chances.

I truly hope you won't end up like this

Would I have to have a CC account to use the share service and the keep the existing perpetual licenses in the future?


This needs more fanfare, as it has been the #1 fear for many of the users posting here.  I'm on board either way, but just wanted to quote this due to it's magnitude, in hopes it might diffuse some of the concerns.

I agree, it should appear on the front page.

Would I have to have a CC account to use the share service and the keep the existing perpetual licenses in the future?


Biggest news so far.

Why should we believe that Adobe cares about the little guy? I know perpetual licences are here to stay but who's to say they won't just repackage the software to force us to pay exorbitant fees for a subscription? "Subscribe for Adobe Substance. Only 99.99$ a month"

Will they force us to subscribe to CC? Will Substance products still be available outside the CC?

So will the Substance programs remain separate entities in the long term or will they slowly be cannibalized by other Adobe software?

I hope Adobe is taking a good, long look at these forums and the responses and if they are not Allegorithmic should suggest that they should.

People are not irrationally against big corporations but we have been burned many times by huge companies like EA, Activision and sometimes Bethesda. On the other hand, people love Valve for what they are doing with Steam. So, be more like Valve and less like EA and people will give money to you willingly. They won't feel like they are forced to give money to a company they dislike. Provide good services, good and fair platforms for your products and people will start changing their opinion. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Please don't be too shocked by the reception of this news. Many of us are gamers and we have seen this happen many times before.

Activision merged with Blizzard and they recently drove the company into the grave. I mean it's still there but as a former shell of itself and after Diablo Immortal everyone knows that the franchises we love are going in some very bad directions. The CEO leaving, MASSIVE layoffs, MASSIVE change in corporate culture, meaning the replacement of investing time and money into products with low effort for high profit. Sure they were making money, but not as much as Activision wanted them.

BioWare used to make deep RPGs with interesting gameplay and characters. Then they got bought by EA and while we had some excellent products like Dragon Age, ME1 and 2 in the long run it's obvious the deal was bad for them. Sure, the new games are more polished but with less substance (pun intended) And don't forget about all the other studios ruined by EA.

As soon as these studios no longer produce as much money as their corporate overlords want them to they are restructured and quality is replaced by low effort for high profit because people know they are going to buy their stuff just because of brand recognition and marketing.

Us gamers have seen this happen many many times before and we simply don't have the patience for this anymore. Maybe you becoming part of Adobe will be good, even excellent, in the short term (1, maybe two years) but how do we know this is going to be good in the long term, especially considering the fact that we intend to use these programs for years to come? How do we know they won't force you to simplify the programs so they can cater to the casual market if you are not making as much money as they want? They might not force you to do this this year, maybe not even the next, but what guarantee do we have that they won't? This isn't just a video game to us, this is a long-term investment.

"We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe uses perpetual licenses"
This is one of the topics, where we don't have visibility yet, so you have the right to be skeptical until we deliver a clear model.

"I'll pay way more for the same products"
Even if I seriously doubt it, once again we don't have visibility so you can remain skeptical until we deliver.

Come on man, why did you accept the deal before knowing exactly what is going to happen? We know YOU have good intentions but so far Adobe has not given us reasons to stay calm.


I am not saying the ARE making a new 3D modeling software, just saying they might, since they now lead the 3D initiative in Adobe. They wouldn't even have to make it themselves. They could hire and guide a new team for that. The reason they hired them is so they can improve their 3D lineup. So this to be different from the typical least that's what they seem to be saying.

Since they lead the 3D initiative, I wonder how much autonomy they have over what features are implemented, how they are implemented and how new versions of Substance products are priced.

I found this. Who knows, they might even make 3D modeling software and become a competitor to Autodesk but as a Blender user I simply don't care.

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