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Loving the fire and ice theme going on!

Looks very futuristic! awesome!

Looking good! Nice touch with the graffiti elements. Love the work on the wheels as well.

Thanks man!! Loving your newest update on the car! Good luck to you  ;D

Hi there, had a question about the contest submission category. I graduated from my university in July 2017 and have been taking courses in an art faculty and online resources such as CGMA. I have also been accepted to Think Tank Training Centre for the June 2019 intake so I am just waiting for that time. Does this mean I should enter for Pro or the Student category? And since I had submitted 2 days ago for the Student category would I be automatically disqualified or can I be moved to Pro if I my requirements don't meet? I also asked this on the comments section of the submission, I just want to be sure.

Love the overall feel to it, very chill!

Real nice! and the small details really made the difference, giving that visual appeal. good luck man!

Can't wait to see the video man, would love to tour the car and find out about your story xD Good luck!!

This is awesome man!! I guess it wasn't just me who had the Baroque idea in mind  ;D
Can't wait to see how this turns out!

This car will be glitching its way to the top  ;D Awesome work!!

Makes me want to bounce on top of it hahah

Looks really cool! love the rippling effect look on the hood  ;D

This is a very cool design. And to think that it also has a story to it. Awesome!

This contrast is perfect. Beautiful! Good job :)

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it xD

The amount of details on this is just astounding! Nicely done!

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