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I'm also having this opacity issue - I can't blend opacity between opaque and transparent... I can go 100% opaque or 100% transparent.
But opacity map looks good and I guess this is a viewport display issue.




I hope Adobe will listen to Allegorithmic how 3D shoud be done and we will never again see a promo video like the most recent one

I was thinking the same at some point. If they needed more money to develop some more features and stuff or needed more money for new hires... I'd be willing to pay more... So the perpetual license for Substance Painter which I use is 149$... That's a good price for what you get. I would probably have been able to pay more. Up to 200...230 maybe..  As long as I would know that this is mine, I can use it whenever I want for as long as I want... As was stated... I'm sure like someone said some people might even donate. Some would even jump through hoops of fire as long as it didn't go to Adobe...  If you said: Help us out here, we need more money to take things to the next level, we have to increase prices a bit, we hope you understand, people would probably be fine with that. People want to support an independent company that creates a very good product for a decent price.

I agree with you. I'd also been able to pay more... even for monthly indie subscription

[...] Sorry for sounding a bit like a noob but up until now I did not need Photoshop for my texturing needs. [...]

You've come to the heart of the matter perfectly

This is how I see 3D features by Adobe now... and in the future:

And all the while the evidence was right under our noses....... :)

So many times I was asking myself for what purpose they've put this here...

We obviously cannot say much yet, and today the only thing we can say is that if you trusted us in the past, please trust us, even just a little bit, when we say we feel it's the best chance to go on improving the 3d world. And we will prove you why we did this.

With all the respect: you can't be serious, right?

This is Adobe we are talking about, it's not that they became what they are by being nice to people or their costumers. They care about money and shareholders, period.

How it's even possible someone of you expect the community to trust something like this, it's ridiculous.

They are Adobe now. That is why


We chose to go and work with Adobe (nobody or nothing forced us to do this) because we truly believe this is the best move to still help rock the 3d world.

Guys! You rocked the 3D world already.
Without much help from Adobe at the begining. You had our trust and support.
I paid monthly subscription because I wanted to support you at Allegorithmic because of amazing work you did. There were months I didn't use Substance, but I still kept my subscription.
 I don't want to support Adobe, because I'm just an enthusiast and hobbyist, and I can't afford their products.
You had amazing support, you developed this piece of software like a boss! and now... it's hard to believe it will stay the same, when we can look back at past Adobe's acquisitions and what they did to teams like yours. I'm sorry but I don't believe in Adobe's good will. They just sniffed money and they just wanted to get rid of the greatest competitor to their other product - Quixel... and I'm afraid this will happen, we will be forced to use Quixel, because Substance will dissapear

This is so sad. Goodbye Allegorithmic... Painter will be named Dimension, and Designer will be abandoned since it is uselles for current CreativeCloud subscribers

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