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Hi Luca,
Sorry for my late response but I have some concerns about the inference you made about the problem. I use same monitor with same brand, model, resolution and DPI, and I even returned them to their factory settings. I have no special DPI settings for Substance Designer and my display settings for both monitors is the same. I provide you some of the display settings I have. Can provide further information if requested. Thank you for your support.
Best regards,

Hello again,
-I usually update my Substance Designer and Nvidia graphics card. I definitely updated them in the last 3 weeks.
-The problem doesn't happen when I use fullscreen on my main monitor.
-Everytime I do switch 3d view to fullscreen on my second monitor, 3d view's toolbar (Scene,Materials,Lights,Camera etc. section) not working. But only in some of the cases 3d view stays there forever unresponsive and I have to force quit it with the task manager but that's very rare, Usually double clicking the toolbar puts the window back in place.
-I haven't roll back my graphics drivers and I prefer not to  :)
-I will write a new message when the next 3d view freeze happens and tell you about more about Performance Tab in the manager.

I'm having troubles with my 3d view for a couple of weeks now and when I make the 3d view fullscreen on my second display (monitor). There is no problem when I don't use it on fullscreen but when I do switch to fullscreen the toolbar (Scene,Materials,Lights,Camera etc. section) becomes unresponsive, the 3d view starts to have graphic glitchs and can't reswitch back to windowed mode. Turning off 3d view from Windows tab doesn't work either and an unresponsive window persists on my second display. As a workaround I have to restart substance designer. I am using Steam version of Substance Designer 2018, up-to-date. My graphics card is Gtx 1080ti which is also up-to-date. I can add further images, videos if I have to.
Thanks in advance.

I'm really unhappy about this decision. I don't like Adobe's pricing system and I don't think these two companies' approaches to many issues will fit each other at all.

I am trying to import an FBX file that I modeled in Blender. I am using the same old settings of mine but I get an error where one of the quads of the mesh gets triangulated. It's a super simple one-sided plane and all vertices have the same elevation.
Here's the screenshot of the problem. Thank you for your help.


I am working on simple panels with screws on the corners of each one. I use 2 input parameters which are 'tile X amount' and 'tile Y amount' to define different variations of the panels. (e.g. 2x2, 2x4, 4x4.. etc.). I am also trying to tile the screws with same input parameters but on rectangle shaped examples screws are getting stretched. Is there any way for me to prevent this?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Save File Size
 on: January 30, 2018, 11:09:11 am 

Is it a bad thing for me to do these simple steps below before saving the project in order to free up my disc space?

1- Clean the project (File > Clean)
2- Set All materials' size to 512.
3- Bake All texture sets with 512 resolution.

I am prety sure first two step is ok but not sure about the third one. When I re-open my file, I just redo the whole process in reverse order with higher resolutions.

Thanks for the help.

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