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i have problem with the back burner and scene with vray and the plugin substance. i can have the sbsar texture  only on one computer, and the other scene on the other node haven't the sbsar texture.
someone know why?
edit: maybe i'am not clear, i have a little renderfarm, and the sbar texture are load only on one calculator, and the other load the scene , but the sbsr texture are not load.

sorry for the bad english  :)

i wanna create a floors tiles, i create the base type tile where i expose  the parameter, i want.
And i want to put this sbs in a tile generator, the generator have the sbs in image input, and the generator repeat the same tile.
How can i do for having random base tile in the generator?

may be i'am not very explicite

1 i create my tile base, and i expose the parameters that i want for have different tyle with the random

2 i create à new substance, and i  want make floor tiles with my tile and the tile generator, how can i do for have differente tile in the tile generator, its possible?

3 i put my tile base in the tile generator in the image input, but the generator repeat the same tile, and i wanna different tile with the exposed parameters
sorry for my poor english

Thank Geatan!
i'm looking that...


Hi Wes,

do you have end the dev. of the new plugin for 3Dsmax 2017 ?

best Rgd.

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