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Hi, can someone help me fix this issue? Is there a tool or feature I can use to not make it look like the stone texture is repeating?


Hi, I'm having trouble importing a model into SP. Whenever I import the model, it appears very tiny. I don't know how to import at the correct scale. What settings do I have to adjust in 3Dcoat to get the right scene scale.

Do I have to set the scale in my 3D modeling application to the default scale of Substance Painter? For example: Let's say Substance Painter scale is set to meter while my mesh is set to cm or mm.

Actually I meant the mesh scale. I attached a screenshot. The mesh is in the center. Not sure what the particles surrounding it are. Must have been a mishap in my modeling. But the actual mesh is in the center. I have to zoom in alot in order to see the mesh. I am able to zoom in so the mesh can fill the screen, but no further.

Hi, I added UVs and imported the mesh successfully. Though it's tiny. Can I change the scale in substance painter?

I created the model in 3Dcoat and exported as obj with textures. I thought that would export with the UVs. I'll try to retopo and see how to create UV for it.

For some reason I can't attach it. Says site can't be reached when i try to reply with attachment.

Hi I am trying to import an OBJ and I keep getting this error.

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