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Hi Neil @sneilltrooper,
We have a ticket in to allow the installer to run in silent mode.
In the meantime, after V1.0.0 is available, if you send me an email, I can put together and send you all of the files that are installed so that you can manually batch copy them.

Let me know if this would help and I will also post an update here when the installer has been updated to make this process much easier.  :)


Substance Integrations - Autodesk 3ds Max - Re: Corona
 on: March 28, 2018, 10:21:46 pm 
Hi @effects12
Very very soon!  ;)


Hello @jsittig,

Are you using the original Substance node within the material editor? If so, this node is for the original Substance plugin in 3ds Max and in order to use this node with Substances created in newer versions of Substance Designer, you will need to run the Substance 3ds Max Updater which adds support for more recent versions of Substance Designer.

This can be found here:,14223.0.html

We have a new plugin that is currently in beta. Within the next few days, an update will be available for the new plugin. To make use of all of the modern Substance features, we recommend using the new plugin instead of the original plugin.

In the case you are currently using the beta plugin (Substance2 node), would you be able to post or send me a Substance file that is not working?


Hello @ikben,
After looking over your Substance, I wanted to run a test using the upcoming release build of the new Substance in 3ds Max integration.

Here are the results:

What was done to achieve this test render:
- Added an environment map
- Ran the automatic Substance to Corona graph generation
- Changed U tiling to 1.5
- Applied material to a cylinder in the scene and rendered

This will be available within the upcoming release.

@jamesjwgallagher, @alexandar.jupp
We have been working on the 1.0 release which will also include the 3ds Max 2019 version of the plugin. This release brings many improvments and lots of new features have been added. You can expect the release very soon and we are very sorry for the delay. We hope the changes brought with this release will be worth the wait!


Hello Everyone,
Firstly, we apologize for the lack of transparency regarding this issue. We completely understand the frustration with this feature and we greatly agree that improvements need to be made. We are currently in the process of bringing some larger changes and improvements to our Unreal Engine integration. A rework to the image input system will be included in these changes. We don't currently have an estimation for when this will be available but as soon as it is, I will post an update here.


Hi @LegendreVR,
We didn't encounter this crash and we are sorry that this made it through to the release!
We will be investigating this within the next few days and will work on getting an update that will fix this as soon as possible.
If you could provide any the following information, it could help us track down the issue:
- What operating system are you currently using?
- Can you clarify quick browsing? Was this just by scrolling through the available Substances in the Source window?
- Have you noticed any set of actions that will always reproduce this issue?

Would you be able to send the crash log to me? (

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue and we will have it resolved as soon as we can.  :D


Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: UE 4.19 compatibilty
 on: March 02, 2018, 10:58:08 pm 
Hi @tamaginivisuals,
This is currently a result HTML not being included in the list of platforms the Substance plugin supports. We are investigating ways that can allow outputs textures to be baked for platform builds that we do not have runtime support for. We do not have a timeframe for when this will be available but it is being worked on.  :D


Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: UE 4.19 compatibilty
 on: March 02, 2018, 07:16:48 pm 
Hi @tamaginivisuals,
The Substance plugin with 4.19 support will be available the same day as the Unreal Engine 4.19 release.
I can post an update here when the new version becomes available. :D


Hi @ryod,
I will add a ticket in for this. In the meantime, creating instances within the editor can be done by using the following steps:
-Within the content browser, find the SubstanceInstanceFactory you wish to create an instance from.
-Right-click on the instance factory and mouse over the menu option 'create a graph instance'.
-Select which graph within the list that you wish to create a graph instance of.

This will create a graph instance similar to which is created when first importing a Substance.

Let us know if this helps!

Cheers  :D

Hi @Alex Thorn 0,
The plugin that has currently been released was and still is within a beta state and we expected some of these issues when we originally released. We have been working since its release on fixing many of these issues that you are describing for the 1.0 release. We are excited for this release and we will have it avilable as soon possible.

The 1.0 release should be available in the upcoming weeks.  :D

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback!


hello guys,
 does this plugin update supports substance designer 2017?, because when I use some of the new nodes like the flood fill the material doesn't work properly in 3ds max, I am using 3ds max 2016

Hi @CroozRises,
The plugin updater currently offers support for up to Substance Designer 6. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will add a ticket in to get an update out that includes support for the most recent features.

Cheers!  :D

Hi @markus_schille,
This is a known issue. For the beta release of the new Substance plugin  (and since then), we have been focusing on adding support for more renderers, core features, and plugin stability. We do not currently have support for interactive rendering but this is something we greatly want to see as well and will be working on soon. We don't have an estimated timeframe for when this will be available but if you would like, I would be happy to post an update here as soon as it is.  :D


Hi @kelly4d3d,
This is possible and something we will be working on making more clear. For image inputs in our UE4 plugin, Imported textures must be in a Substance Input Image format. These inputs within your screenshot are not currently compatible with Texture2D.

Steps for import:
-Right-click in content browser
-Import Asset
-In the format type drop-down, select one of the format options for Substance Image Input formats
-Select the image to import

A SubstanceInputImage will be imported which will be compatible with these inputs.

As for VisibleIf functionally, this is also a feature that will be coming to our UE4 plugin in the near future.  :D


Well..... now I feel stupid. Thank you for the link, Dan!

No reason to feel stupid as this link is rather hidden.
I am happy to help!
We will be releasing 1.0 in the very near future so keep an eye out!  :D

Wanted to give the beta version of the plugin a try but I can't seem to get it to even install correctly.
I have max 2018 but when I install the plugin (attached to the original post) I still only get the old substance map.
No menu etc. The only thing that gets added is the substance pbr to vray mat button.

Hi @Ralphr,
This original post is for the original plugin updater. This update installer adds compatibility with new versions of Substance Designer for the original plugin. For the current beta plugin for 2018 can be found here:


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