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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Opacity Glitch
 on: October 05, 2018, 05:08:44 pm 
When I have two opacity maps one turns invisible. This glitch didn't happen before and shows on the 2018 version or whatever is the latest edition of substance painter

I'm having the same issue in 4.20 I've re-imported the substance and it's still happening. I need support... How is this considered a stable release??? meh=/

Putting My substance file on console immediately crashes. I believe I'm suppose to keep these documents private due to being on console. Staff please message me to fix this situation.

Does the Texture map have to be the same as the LightMap or will that cause problem? I want to stich some things in the texture map

Simple question. Will I achieve better quality results using AutoDesk or Substance to render out maps ( Normal and etc.)

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Live Link UE4
 on: January 06, 2018, 05:56:03 am 
Ultra Buggy.

1. When unchecking srgb in unreal, The material is broken and won't work anymore.

2. Why can we send from unreal and not from Substance Painter.

3. Wow this should be called a beta come on....

I did so much within that one mesh that it could be a multitude of issues.... But it's working find with other testing..... So  chalk it up to a glitch until someone can explain

Hello, I'm using substance painter to make a design. Now On the design I have about 1 cm and tried half of centimeter stripes. Now I used it on one of my objects and the object just fades and flickers badly when trying to view or go away from 5 feet. Now I thought maybe I did it to small I tried the same thing on a cube and it worked.

I checked the forums I don't have duplicates as far as I know and checked myself...

1.First Picture: Very Blurry and the problem I'm having.

2. Second Picture: Ive done the same thing and perfect

Pictures Attached
Why is this happening? Can you please explain.

I'd be stunned if Painter can't be made to work well with UE4.  There is an entire section of the forum here dedicated to Unreal Engine 4, so you can probably get some great help there.,23.0.html

The shader you use in Painter, the Painter export options, the UE4 import options...  I don't use UE4, but I'm sure there's an answer somewhere.

Good luck.

Well I have it working now to me it's a strange work around and I wonder if it's a error, but whatever. And I may have to revert to 2.16 I see I baked and my normal isn't showing up in a bake: not relational to this issue.

I really can't work like this I've used this inside stingray and it was fine this is off geez luck I did a test

I'm transfer this from substance to ue4 and what in the world? totally different representation

There are different 'smoothing' functionalities in different areas of the applications. You need to clarify what exactly you are talking about. Right now, I have no idea.

Simply: I go into maya and i click smooth,  what is the benefit of that? I think as going off YouTube tutorials it's all being used randomly and wrong... It's not something you just do for fun. And meant for a even detail around the board.

Okay i see smooth in maya and painter, but i really don't understand why we use it. I think it's a overused component but I have no one to seek for definite answer.

It will definitely.
That said the API is open, so anyone with the proper skills and time can technically do it :)

I know it will but do you have a guess on a time line that'll be a huge difference and worth a wait. Wow not available on ue4 at lunch... Why substance why=.(

This would be a huge game changer better roll it out now then later. Matter fact i just read this what in the world is stopping yall? My work flow would be ultimate

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