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The 3dsMax integration download VIA THE LAUNCHER, provides a Maya named Download|
I did NOT attempt to install this to see if the file is merely named incorrectly. ..because I am not paid to QA.  :P :P

1. open launcher
2. go to integrations
3. download 3dsMax version,'ll get a Maya titled installer.

You guys may know portions of this, apologies if you already do know portions of this..however, please do read through as I don't think anyone would be aware of all issues listed.. Thank You.
( context: I have years of shelf dirs and there's no way to manage the files without tedious manual loading and even then the processes provided result in constant crashes.. here's details (and shows how much you guys need a file manager tool .. which I mention and provide a rough draft of concept schematic at bottom))

• Time wasting problems still plague Substance asset management;
 If I take a subset of files, let's say 10.. and I place them into the user/docs/shelf .. let's say 2 to 3 will load without issue, but the remainder will log an error and they will not be loaded. - Some are considered "broken" without an actual reason/explanation and others are simply not loaded even though they are 100% fine..I'll explain this last part; Let's say 8 out of the 10 files fail to load from a shelf *BUT* if I try to import those 8 files into the project, I am prompted to "specify a design" which should be "designate a type"...AKA: the importer wants to know if each is a
texture, base material, generator, alpha, filter, OR procedural.

If I don't specify which "design | designation" for each, then they are ignored and not loaded.  Rather silly.

Hence; related to a shelf: the errors allude to bad files that are not bad files. Approx 80% of the time on average in my case, the system is resulting in incorrect reporting and I feel this is lazy and unprofessional.

10 files; 2 of 10 load via shelf, and 8 error out-> I move to import the 8, 5 load after specifying their "design", 3 fail.
reported: 70-80% on average
actual: 20-30% on average
- Margin of error : High

• ALSO NOTE: I've noticed this issue can rarely be reversed between shelf load and import;  I'll explain..
Shelf load can error 80% and Import can error 80% but different files. It's not often, but has happened a time or two.

This improper importing process/ poor management of the importing processes has to be driving half or more of your userbase, insane.  If I didn't know enough to test this via import I may have deleted approx. 80% of my files without any knowledge of the issue residing in poor file handling on Painters' part.  ..and that hurts.
That's time, that's money, LOST.

The import process is painful as well;
if I loaded the 10 files and saw 8 were "bad" ..when I attempt to delete multiples of "bad" files, Painter hard crashes.
HARD CRASH EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have to begin import then close import window to avoid the crash. This means manual filtering for the files that can load. - unprofessional.

• Another issue;
If I place an older sbsar (generator file) into the shelf, it fails to load without ANY notification/log.  ... silly.
If I direct import(drag and drop) the older sbsar (generator file) I am asked to "design|designate the type" which would be "generator..
********BUT******** it is already showing as a generator in its' box-inline listing. If it knows it is a generator, then why bother the user to designate it as a generator ?  (to any naysayer: the file path is not "generator" so there is no mistake being made here.)

Managing substance files...(apologies) sucks, it's tiresome, incorrect, crashes, and is also often broken.

This next part is added in the hopes that others will join in with voicing their opinions as so we can get tools to handle/MANAGE the substance assets.
• An additional example related to Designer: if your version of designer is you can't load newer substances from SOURCE as they are version
QUESTION: how do you know what versions the SBS files are ?
ANSWER: you can't know, there's no way to know besides downloading and trying to load the SBS file. .. a massive waste of time.   ( hence the manager tool concept attached to this post).

- let's point this out; the version increment from to is a "1 millionth, a super small bugfix" when on a standard versioning number.

• A proposed SOLUTION to several irksome issues;    [ See attached image || I made this image approx 4 years ago.. ]
A few years ago, I made the tool-concept-image attached and sent the image by email to someone "high up the ranks(iirc)" at Alleg. The reply was that they would "pass it on".   Well, it's some years later and this issue set is growing in scale and trouble amount.
There's alot of forum posts about file management, there's many feature requests about file management..etc.

Make a file manager please. You have all of the parts to cobble this together post haste.
Make it standalone or as part of the part of a Painter release..the userbase will thank you and praise your names as we all agree Substance needs to improve release feature sets in this asset management space.

Thank You
'and know this post is genuine and written with tough-love.

Here is the image->

• include a dropmenu selection for the version of your chosen program as so you can check your chosen shelfDIR against that version.
AKA: Painter: v2019.1 **OR** Designer 2018.3 (as so you can see which SBS files are above SBS version etc.


The image was a hastily made rough draft from 3-4 years ago.

In the article released on November 3rd at the Substance magazine site, this image was included.

This causes major concern due to its' lack of details.
• Is this a "fix" that only creates the same problem in a different form ? Switching problem A for Problem B.
AKA: switching out what someone deemed best, for what someone deems best now .. without any thought of providing choices for the users. That would be rather silly and I hope that is not so.

Please tell us that this system provides choices and doesn't force us to use what person X says is best.

In case someone can't comprehend this post;
The image shows legacy brush stroke and newer brush stroke. Yet BOTH types, along with others, would be best.
The article lacks details and only alludes to switching one problem out and replacing it with another problem.

1 • Provide a flag/boolean in Settings that allows logging each asset's data-preview "faux thumbnail" calculation process time.
--- how is this not already a thing already ? - Thanks.
2 • Would you guys please;  add in the rendering of "JPG thumbnails".. with your processes that create "data previews" that you guys call thumbnails ?  Then we could actually browser our over-sized shelves without yanking our hair out by the root ?  - Thanks
DETAILS FOR #2. • Imagine having Adobe Bridge or Mootools' browser or <other tool here>  to use for sifting/searching your asset shelf/library because users would FINALLY have actual thumbnails to help sort their assets/work !!!?!!
..collateral bonus ->> it would help others adjust away from the required-bad-habit: start Painter, go get coffee for 20 minutes...which is nonsense as they could actually manage their big shelf/shelves with JPGS thumbnails to use as visual previews that are not data-rendered previews. *cough*
.../ DARE . To . DREAM \...

 I feel it's rather important to be able to install multiple versions.
especially for testing new releases without having to pull out your hair.

pls advise..and if possible, please bring this back.

Let's dive right in.     
Basically, we're putting in registry keys that may have been previously assumed by the system or forced by the program/GPU we're setting these keys to ensure they are handled and not ignored for whatever magical reason Windows10 is finding to be more of a hot mess.

WHY post this ??
• I saw too many posts about this..I decided to see what was happening. AKA: searched Nvidia/MS/Alleg. I only read what was hyper-important to a resolve.

  (refer to the "sources" link at the bottom of this post)
1. Follow Alleg's docs on TDR settings...and then come back here to follow the next steps in the same manner/way/form/method/etc etc.

▼▼ In the same 'way/method/steps/etc' stated in the Docs linked above..AND in that same Reg-folder: ▼▼
ADD: Reg_Dword  "TdrLevel"
edit this value to a 'decimal' input of 0 (ZERO). (refer to link at bottom for more info)

ADD: Reg_Dword  "TdrLimitTime"
edit this value to a 'decimal' input of 60 (which is default - refer to link at bottom for more info)

ADD: Reg_Dword  "TdrLimitCount"
edit this value to a 'decimal' input of  5 (which is default - refer to link at bottom for more info)

5. Restart your system *AFTER* you verify that everything you did to be 100% correct.
Note to Novices: Editing the registry incorrectly or with willful ignorant arrogance...can cause massive issues up to your system becoming unusable. it could grow bird wings and fly out the window.

..Now..after Windows boots, start Painter.

MS Docs - TDR Reg Keys

• You follow this at your own risk
• I only run Painter on Nvidia GPUs .. and I have none of that Optimus-poop on any of my systems.
Not sure if ATI/AMD GPUs are having the same issue..perhaps this is a blanket-fix.

►► If this works for you, reply here and let everyone know so that others can know it works (at least for now).

Obligatory image:

Details from my end;

Nvidia GTX Driver 388.13, Painter 2017.3.   Windows10 x64 v1709 clean install
 *This Tdr issue existed in Windows10 x64 v1703 with Painter 2017.x, several months ago.  I assumed a clean Windows install would alleviate the problem, I was wrong.


Fast'n'Dirty Image of idea;  (aka:1st rough draft)
//EDIT: Sorry, but AWS decided to disallow the linking to the image(from Substance's account), sometime after I made the I uploaded the image to an image host.

1. installed 2017.2
2. started 2017.2
3. I saw the log and immediately checked the Nvidia Driver version #.. 'I am using a driver that is newer than the suggested minimum driver version. Please don't tell me to update my driver..REASON: see Nvidia's basically common knowledge at this point(Nvidia drivers on some(or all) 9/10 series + Win10 v1703 = hot mess).
4. I read the log and saw the TDR warning again, so I 'ran' my reg key file and rebooted.  ..but still the warning continued to show..  'I scratched my head.
So, the TDR warning issues and the Nvidia Driver version mis-reporting.

'Anyone else experience similar / this ?

I was thinking that the features that should/could be coming in the next couple years, that some might require an "SP Pro"  tier for funding the development.

The following itemized lines are explained in very brief style / dev-communication and not intended for community explanation-understanding at this time.(sorry)

- Example feature sets I assume would be on their list if a Pro version with a higher price point was offered. ::wink:: ;

>  including full and/or helper-tweaking UV control tools/unwrapping like Unfold3d/3DCoat/uvMaster/etc./ while also providing tools for relaxing/packing/moving islands/ etc etc .. would be ideal as it just makes sense to certain businesses.
Anyhow-> allowing tweaks of UV would truly be ideal in the normal so 'smearing based issues' are more easily handled.
> 3dMouse support #srsly. #srsly. ..... #srsly.   [3DMouse+Tablet = YES.]
> a mesh auto-spin based on a transform-helper position and chosen axis, feature (which would work great with next suggestion).
   Set a point for a transform, rotate it, and then have the model temp-parented to it as to rotate the model at a specified speed on the specified axis of the specified transform helper. For regular painting and animation painting help(see next in list).
> Realtime animated texture painting(like making a flipbook in Painter)(cap dimensions, on/off toggle for creating repeating textures). with additional grid paint methods(to fake styles)(brief explanation). Paint on model or plain to create animated textures..etc ///// AKA: maybe isolate a mesh, set frame count and time for a loop/or/single-play playback [yes they can achieve different results], then click start playback to play the loop of N textures at Q speed, .. 'when the user paints, create the newly painted data in non destructive manner. Allow new info to either be exported as a cell-based-texture data (4x4 cells in 1 texture : 16 frames) or export complete textures/mat sets to use( texture set, +16 sets of textures with new paint data applied.) ..and whichever other export ways are useful.
> Implement scratch disk usage.
> eventual 16k, 32k or maybe 64k texture support
> .abr support & one/some font file support in painter(just works style).
> bezier splines for controller and/or animating a brush/particle emitter/etc  along spline painting & mask-making tool [this idea can be large so I'll fudge it for sake of brevity],
Have these bezier splines allowed to be saved as re-usable files. Import, configure, paint, close, continue rest of work..
 Imagine painting a beautiful curve onto side of a vehicle or putting a special logo (which will have organic differences due to process used) painted on any object. .. or candy cane stripe anything, or stripe an object more accurately.
-- Create a spline in 3d view, adjust point-handles/curvature, set amount of steps to use from end to end on spline and set a speed to use too.  Then either set a transform in scene to be a helper "look at point"  for a ray casted from a point on spline to this "look at point" for brush use, have the point either static or move in same-space or mirror space /etc/etc as the steps animate *OR* have the brush point 1 constant direction as it's animated along the spline. [ this could/should be much nicer but this post is just for forum read ]
> Render thumbs for assets/mats/etc (instead of current (substance views of assets)) to avoid the long load times when using large asset systems. Especially the load all, crash, reload all, crash issues based on the failing cache no matter the cache size set.. related to this area.  It becomes aggravating some days..sorry. - If not rendering actual thumbnails for substance mats/assets, which would be HELL'A helpful anyhow (see previous list item above) .. how about this instead;  provide a tool for creating/organizing substance asset Directories..*from inside of Painter*!!  A "Substance Explorer" per se.
> Right click a Substance asset and if the data is available, the option to select "read graph" to display the graph (read only) in a Painter window ...also have a button for "edit graph" if that option is available(aka, if that data exists and is accessible(browse for file if not already of the same name maybe?).. which would start Substance Designer and load the file. This was the shorthand explanation. ;)

I think this is enough of a ramble for today. ;)
- E

// see next post
This is in regards to a new program suggestion.
A "simple to create" program based on current components. A powerful idea for your tool chain.
I would attempt to build it and sell it, but I'm currently working on a rather serious project for the coming years.
1. The Substance EcoSystem and its' "various industries" userbase can greatly gain from its' use.
2. This is a suggestion that would require very little upkeep.
3. We're talking about something that would be warmly welcomed. A tool that could make teams/staff/owners.. sigh in relief.

Let me know how to send you a Doc/Pdf with the details, directly to one of you.
'Send me a PM with the info if you prefer that to posting here.

Thank You,
- Eric

Find your user specific shelf Directory here; (Windows)
%userprofile%\Documents\Substance Painter   
[..or wherever you changed the User Shelf to reside..]

rename Shelf Directory to Shelf_old
load Painter
you'll see that Painter has made a new default Shelf DIR for you, with the default assets.
(  feel free to try to find the corrupt file .. if there is one. Perhaps they look for hashes..who knows..)

- Hopefully this works for some of you.
// *I hope the team will add: [WARN/ALERT] file-corrupt: FILENAME, etc.. to the log.

Not a complaint.. but this tweak would be appreciated as the larger the lib set we make.. the longer the wait time can become for loading the available assets and tools tabs.

..and if resources are tied up in another toolset..well, things get sludgy(slow).


// explanation, then question at the end, thx!

Installing SP2 removed SP1 auto-magically & normally I understand the intention there..yet I have reasons I would like to have SP1 and SP2 at my disposal.

I have re-installed SP1 and SP2 disappeared.
So, I have duplicated/copied the SP1 install directory, as so I have SP1 available while SP2 is the "installed version".
Will this cause major issues ?

My Feature Request:
..'would you devs please adjust that installer process (perhaps add a bool flag) to not wipe away previous versions(if mayhem is not encountered by doing so.)

Thank You Dev Team

[[//edited a few times as I had bad info for initial post]]

Suggestion For Forum Section: Painters' Scripting System. - Thx

That's all.

Hello, just curious when we'll have this feature fleshed out and ready to be slapped around a bit.  :o 8) ;D

I will be more than happy to create a 'monstrous demon' badass addition provided that the API allows my brain to dance in the substance rain.

Plz Advise.
- EB

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