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Fair point. Perhaps I can catch warning that I need in Python, and force it to exit or give me some error message.



I have sbsrender throwing warning messages, but they dont cause it to exit, just continue. That is good for some cases, but I actually need it to exit. Its for input image paths. Example below.

STDOUT: [WARNING][Default](0): FileTextureLoader >> Loading  "X:\\xxxx.exr"  Failed
STDOUT: [WARNING][SBSBaker]Image input "color-id" has not been set.

Could we have an option to treat warnings as critical ?


brilliant, works as expected!

Has this limitation been solved with release of 6.0.0

Release note says:

[Engine] 16f/32f bit depth compositing


Thanks for suggestion.

I think I remember Wes saying that Multi Material Blend is rather efficient and evaluates only requested material. I dont mind if SD performance will be slow, because it will be rather offline texture generation process on the farm.

Would love to hear if anyone has attempted similar approach.


Does anyone have a multi mat blend node with more slots ? Its a super tedious task to do, so I'd ask before I start doing it myself.

Second question, do you have any tips for editing xml files ? Any recommendation for xml editor and how to edit SD nodes in it ? Im talking about 255-ish slots.... I will want to assign them specific pre-picked color values for mask.

Third question, did anyone attempt to build master sbs file, with tens or hundreds of materials and single Material/Mesh ID image to assign them to mesh? Then simple batch file to go thru library of meshes to generate textures. Just an idea.


Thanks for info. Ill try to workaround it for the time being.


Thanks for info. Coming from VFX its quite shocking that floating point bitmaps are not supported. You are right, the whole point of MatID as integers is gone at the moment.

So the big question is, are you planing to add 16/32 bit bitmaps support in the future ?

Thank you


Is it possible to get Material ID from 3ds in Bakers ? Ideally, Baker would output floating point map (exr, hdr) with corresponding ID's.
I see that I can get those values with MeshId or SubmeshID Bakers, but then they are mapped to normalized grayscale or even less useful random/hue. How about outputing integers, without mapping it to any other values ?


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